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Winner of March Challenge:
Congratulations to dark-beam!!! :clap:

Year of the goat by dark-beam

dark-beam will receive a total of 300:points:! :clap:

April Challenge: Theme

April is voted to minimalism! Create your minimal fractal artwork the way you prefer and submit it to the gallery!


  • One original entry for each person taking part (deviations previous today's date are not allowed);
  • Every entry must refer to this journal and this group (in the description), so that the word gets spread (the entries without the disclaimer won't be considered in the final judgement);
  • Since it's a theme challenge, any fractal software is welcome to take part;
  • The entries must be submitted to the folder called April 2015 - Minimalism.

Winner and Prizes

A winner will be chosen among the entries, and it will be the piece that best interpreted the current theme.
The winner will be rewarded with:

  • 100:points:, courtesy of DeviantART;
  • 200:points:, courtesy of BoxTail
  • A month feature in a custom widget in both CRFractals front page and C-91's profile.

    If you want to add prizes, contact me!


    29th of April, 10:00 PM (GMT+1) (1 pm PST) The winner will be announced in the next challenge announcement on May 1st, 2015.

    Judging method

    Each judge lists a top 3 of their favourite work. An amount of points is assigned to every place:
    1st place: 10 points
    2nd place: 6 points
    3rd place: 3 points
    The artwork which receives more points (summed from every vote) is declared winner.



    Let's get it started!

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Fractal Art Week - Wrap Up

Sun Mar 29, 2015, 1:00 PM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art Week

The Fractal Week comes to an end! I hope you enjoyed our articles and events, and got interested in this still obscure field of art. :eyes:

Let's recap the schedule!


Fractal Art Week

Thank you for being there and hope to see you soon! :wave:

Stay tuned for another awesome week at projecteducate! Next week:

Artists Tools Week with Kaz-D

Special Thanks

Sun Mar 29, 2015, 5:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art Week

Hello! :wave:
We're approaching to the end of this Fractal Week at projecteducate and it's time to credit people. :hug:

The Fractal Week outside projecteducate...


The Fractal Week has been possible thanks to these wonderful people, who shared their knowledge with us. :clap:
Be sure to pay a visit to their profile, because it's totally worth it!

Meet the Fractal Community #19

Sat Mar 28, 2015, 6:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art Week

Hello and welcome to a new edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a forthnightly series of interviews that highlights a member of our community. The series will go back and focus on fractal artists.

Today, let's have a closer look to aartika-fractal-art.

Hello aartika-fractal-art! How are you today?

I'm well, thank you. :)

Can you introduce yourself to the community?

Hello! :)

I’ve recently returned to DA having abandoned my old account a few years ago through disuse – my previous account was aartika. I’ve been working with fractal software on and off for about fifteen years, almost exclusively with Ultra Fractal (versions 2, 3, 4 and now 5!).

I live in the UK and am a little older than I’d like to be. ;)

How did you discover fractal art?

When looking for a screensaver in 1999 I came across Doug Harrington's 'Amazing Seattle Fractals' website: , which houses his own fractal art galleries as well as many fractal resources and tutorials.

I became fascinated with these strange forms with their bright, psychedelic colours and wanted to know more.

At the time there were a number of freeware programmes written by Stephen Ferguson available so I started out by using Tierazon and Sterlingware, with Doug's expert help and guidance.

One of my very first fractal images (Cathryn's Wheel) is still displayed in one his many guest galleries.

Before too long I found Ultra Fractal version 2, and quickly became hooked! The rest is history :)

Cathryn's Wheel by aartika-fractal-art

What do you love the most about it?

That's a difficult question, but it probably boils down to two things - firstly, it's great to have the ability to create and share something artistic without having the traditional artist's skills and training, while at the same time using intellectual skills to learn the intricacies of what is quite a complicated programme and creative process.

Secondly, there is the social / communication side. Over the years I have made many, very good friends with people from all over the world who share my love of fractal art, with whom I have stayed in regular contact with over the years.

Plus, as an additional bonus, there is no mess to clear away at the end of a creative session!

Your gallery shows the great versatility of a software like Ultra Fractal (other than your great skills!). How did you manage to get all different kinds of fractals from one software only?

I guess that's probably down to the specific choice of formulas and algorithms chosen for each image. For the “geometric pattern” pieces, which are obviously very different from the more typical Gnarls and Julia-type spirals, I mostly use a couple of sets of algorithms written by Andreas Lober and Samuel Monnier.

For a number of years I worked closely with a small group of artists and formula writers, (who are all far more talented than me!) bouncing ideas, sharing parameters and testing out new formulas. As a result I became familiar with using some of the very big colouring formulas as they evolved into their final published versions, which has stood me in good stead when trying out new and unfamiliar ones since.

I also take inspiration from many other artists' work - traditional, digital and photographic, which often leads me down new and experimental avenues, with usually quite different results - some good, sometimes not so good!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use another fractal program? If yes, which one and why?

Yes - Xenodream and Apophysis. I bought Xenodream when it came out but never properly got to grips with the 3D concept and only ever made a handful of images with it, none of which looked anything like the amazing art works I had seen.

Similarly with Apophysis, although I stuck with using it a little longer than Xenodream, because of its compatibility with Ultra Fractal.

Some of the art I've seen recently on DA using Apo and Chaotica is quite stunning – so I'd definitely like to learn how to make these types of images in due course.

Is there any other deviant you'd like to recommend, and why?

Like so many other fractal artists, the person who provided the most inspiration for me in the early days was Janet Parke infinite-art. I was, and still am, in awe of her talent and her beautiful fractal art. I had the good fortune to be able to do her on-line courses in 2006/7, which improved my technical skills in UF no end. Janet’s courses are now available as an ebook. I also worked with her on an exhibition at the Nature in Art museum in Gloucestershire in 2007, which was a great experience. Whenever I’m feeling big-headed about a new piece I’m particularly pleased with, a quick visit to her galleries will usually knock me down a peg or two.

Janet Parke's Ultra Fractal Courses on E-Books!As we all know, the epic fractal artist, Janet Parke, had been teaching at the Visual Arts Academy website for a number of years. She had grown quite a following and reputation on VAA. Recently, however, she had decided it was time to take her material down. Well, it wasn't as if it weren't for good reason! Janet has decided to make e-books out of her work and they are now accessible from her Infinite Art website.
In the following links, you can learn about what her courses cover and how to purchase the e-books. The prices and packages are an incredible bargain considering you're getting Janet's three exceptional courses. If you've ever wanted to take Janet's courses, now would be the time!
Art of Infinity - Fractal Art Exhibition - 2007

INEFFABLE ACCALMIE NEOLITIQUE by Etienne Saint-Amant EtienneSaintAmant 
In September 2006 Simon Trapnell, the director of the Nature in Art Museum at Wallsworth Hall, Twigworth, Gloucestershire contacted Tina Oloyede aartika-fractal-art to discuss a proposal to stage a fractal art exhibition for the spring of 2007. At a meeting a couple of months later, the format and logistics of setting up the exhibition were finalised. Janet Parke infinite-art  was invited to join Tina as a key exhibitor and to begin the selection process for the remaining exhibition pieces. Invitations were sent out to members of the international fractal art community to submit twelve images each to be considered for inclusion.
The response was fantastic - twenty seven artists submitted over two hundred and fifty

Pilgrimage by infinite-art Dulcedo by infinite-art FMOFWB by infinite-art


One of the formula writers I worked with in our small group was Samuel Monnier s31415. As well as being a good friend and brilliant mathematician and formula writer, I consider him to be one of the most talented fractal artists globally. Without his generous input I would not have been able to create half the images I have - thank you Samuel!

20090715-1 by s31415 20090420 by s31415 20090509 by s31415


One other artist whose work I have discovered since returning to DA this year is Kirsty Tudan fractek. I love her fractal art, with its rich colours, clean, elegant lines and painterly quality, it’s just fabulous. I am hoping she may start posting new work here again soon.

paradise revisited by fractek Ebb and Flow by fractek
Macedonian Muse l, ll, lll by fractek

Thank you for your time! Any last word you want to share with the community?

Just a very big thank you for the warm welcome and support offered by the fractal artists on DA in the last couple of months - it’s been really great coming back to such a thriving art community, and with some really inspirational work on show. :)

Be sure to visit aartika-fractal-art's profile and gallery! :love:

Osteospermum by aartika-fractal-art Singing In The Rain by aartika-fractal-art Sprung by aartika-fractal-art
Dardybots 178 by aartika-fractal-art Pomegranates by aartika-fractal-art Gammon by aartika-fractal-art
Bistred Mandorla by aartika-fractal-art Flornnes by aartika-fractal-art Twisteroonie by aartika-fractal-art

Have fun and keep fractaling! :heart:

Previous issues:

Prettify Your Bloom: Tips and Tricks

Wed Mar 25, 2015, 3:00 PM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art Week

Hello! :wave: It's C-91 here and, after people asking me tips on how to make flowers with Apophysis, I decided to write this introduction guide for the Fractal Week. There might be more in future. :flowerdread: 

Live with it: crafting flowers with Apophysis isn't the most original thing ever, but at least we can try to approach to the technique in another way and try to make them different from the multitude of results that can be found here on DeviantArt.

First of all, check the two blooms tutorials by lindelokse, which are the starting point for this technique:
Apophysis Blooms Tutorial by lindelokse Apophysis 3D Blooms Tutorial by lindelokse

Before we start...

Just so you know, 2D flowers are generally more versatile and suitable for crazy experiments than 3D ones. You can use more variations and plugins on 2D flowers without messing the shape up (and they will still be as spectacular as 3D flowers).:flowerflirty: That's why, in this guide, I will work on a 2D bloom.

A simple Apophysis flower shape is made up of a minimum of three transforms, which I usually call:
  • the blur transform;
  • the shape transform;
  • the final transform (a regular FX).

I will go through every transform and give you tips, and make a simple yet presentable. :lmpo: 
Remember there's also the possibility to add extra transforms to make lights, bubbles and other special effects. In this guide, I'm just doing a basic bloom with no extra stuff.

I made my basic shape! :flowerla: (gamma: 2 ; brightness: 7)

Basicshape1 by C-91
Let's try to tweak it. :floweraww: 

The Blur Transform

The blur transform gives texture to your bloom. It's recommended to keep its weight at default value (0.5), otherwise the fractal will lose brightness either on the edges or on the buldge of the flower (depending on whether you set a higher or lower weight). Although, in some cases, this fact can come in handy. :flowerslow: 

Basicshapelowerweightblur1 by C-91 Basicshapehigherweightblur1 by C-91
(Left: weight < 0.5 ; Right: weight > 0.5)

Blur transform - tips:

  • Add flatten if you're working with Apophysis 7x.15C or higher, otherwise your bloom will be super dark! :floweromfg: 
  • Try to use different kinds of blur, other than gaussian_blur: there are blur_circle, starblur, sineblur, blur and many others! (set the opacity of the blur transform to zero if you don't want the external part of the bloom to be blurred - the circle around the flower)
    Basebloomblur Circle by C-91 Basebloomsineblur by C-91 Basebloomstarblur by C-91
    (Left: blur_circle; Center: sineblur; Right: starblur)
  • If you prefer to keep using gaussian_blur, lowering its value will make some sort of shadows under the petals, while increasing it will make the petals look less solid. Add a tiny bit of another non-blur variation (like log) to make the color spread differently. Balance the values of the variations wisely, to get a better effect. I changed the colors a little bit to make the difference more visible:
    Confrontosenzalog by C-91 Confrontoconlog by C-91
    (Left: gaussian_blur; Right: gaussian_blur + log)
  • You can use something else rather than a blur! Try disc, eyefish or swirl with pre_falloff2 to get funky textures!
    Basebloomprefalloffeyefish by C-91 Basebloomprefalloffswirl by C-91
    (Left: eyefish + pre_falloff2; Right: swirl + pre_falloff2)
  • Instead of putting the value of the blur manually, click on the name of the variation you're using and drag the mouse back and forth. You will be able to control the blur better and obtain nice shadow effects. :flowerjoy: by Helen-Baq (this trick is valid for every occasion!!!)

The Shape Transform

Self explanatory... :lmpo: 
Changing the weight of this transform will have the same effect as if the weight of the blur transform is changed...only the other way around. :flowerdread: Try on your flower to understand better what I'm talking about.

This transform can be changed in size, moved, rotated, deformed, and you can add a multitude of variations that will bring special effects. :flowerdance:

Shape transform - Tips

  • Getting cracks and folds is really easy! A bit of log, polar2 or wedge will do. Positive values for cracks, negative values for folds!
    Step2logcrack by C-91 Step2logfold by C-91 Step2polar2crack by C-91 Step2polar2fold by C-91 Step2wedgecrack by C-91 Step2wedgefold by C-91
    (1st and 2nd: log; 3rd and 4th: polar2; 5th and 6th: wedge)
  • Speaking of wedge, it's the responsible for the delicate thin lines that appear on many flowers. Treat them as thin folds (hint hint) and mind that wedge has a variable called wedge_count. A similar result can be achieved with shredrad2. I said enough! :lmpo: 
    Step2wedgethinlines1 by C-91 Step2wedgethinlines2 by C-91
    (Open the images, otherwise it's impossible to see: I like 'em very thin)
  • There's a plugin called whorl which is very interesting, especially for the borders of your petals. Keep it at a maximum value of 0.2:flowerboogie: In the examples, I kept the variable whorl_outside at 1.5.
    Step2whorl1 by C-91 Step2whorl2 by C-91 Step2whorl3 by C-91 Step2whorl4 by C-91
    (whorl increases in this direction >>>>>>)
  • Other plugins and variations (try to guess what I used :flowerdread: ) can give funny results. Just try them in combos and see what you get!
    Step2xvaryxforms1 by C-91 Step2xvaryxforms2 by C-91 Step2xvaryxforms3 by C-91 Step2xvaryxforms4 by C-91
  • Replace linear with another similar variation or plugin. You can try loonie, falloff2, bwraps, curve and many others!
    Ztransform2curve by C-91 Ztransform2falloff2 by C-91 Ztransform2lazysue by C-91 Ztransform2mobius by C-91
    (1. curve; 2. falloff2; 3. lazysusan; 4. mobius)

The Final Transform

Without discussing about what the final transform specifically does, let's say that juliaN et similia are not the only variations you can use to obtain a bloom (or something else which is amusing to see anyway). :flowernoid:You can also combine them with pre_ and post_ variations and get nice results. 

Let's see some examples.

Final transform: tips

  • bipolar and mobius can do something too, as well as ngon! Play with the variables and adjust the transforms to get a bloom!
    Finalxformbipolar by C-91 Finalxformngon by C-91 Finalxformmobius by C-91
    (Left: bipolar; Center: ngon; Right: mobius)
  • Try other variations, such as log or escher. For a better looking result, remove cross from transform 2.
    Yfinalxformbwraps by C-91 Yfinalxformescher by C-91 Yfinalxformlog by C-91 Yfinalxformngon by C-91
    (1. bwraps; 2. escher; 3. log (with cross); 4. ngon)
  • Try some pre_ or post_ variations: post_bwraps, post_curl, pre_falloff2...and many others!

In conclusion...

Don't be afraid of experimenting. Get inspired by your fellows and challenge yourself to discover how they did their works. That's how an artist grows. :flowerhugs: Here some examples that go beyond the classic bloom result (from every program!):
Dark Bloom by tatasz
Divine by BoxTail 
Sparkling Souls by SaTaNiA old things by monsan
233 - Gentle approach by russianlad Scarlet flower. by semenocatya
Posy by ellarien

I have nothing left to say! I hope you enjoyed this guide, and I wish you happy fractaling!

Critique Challenge Announcement

Mon Mar 23, 2015, 3:00 PM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art Week

Hello! :wave:

For the Fractal Week, CRFractals is proud to announce:

Fractal Critique Challenge

Last week we asked you to submit a fractal artwork to a dedicated folder in CRFractals's gallery (Critiqueable, click here to view). You've been able to submit your deviations for a week, till yesterday, when it's been closed. :la:
Now we ask you to pick a fractal and critique it! A showcase of the critiqueable fractals:

Blue Eyes by aartika-fractal-art Kalahari by C-91 Silk by Dawgit
Bipolar by tatasz Somebody That I Used To Know by piethein21 #598 by bezo97

This is not only a chance for you to perfect your critiquing abilities, but also a chance for an artist to get good advices and improve their work.

And it's also a chance to win prizes. :eyes:



Sunday, March 29th 2 PM DAST (PST)

Judging and winners announcement

We will take some time to judge all the critiques and decide the winners, which will be announced between the 10th and the 15th of April.


1st place: 3 Month Premium Membership (or 636 :points:)
2nd place: 1 Month Premium Membership (or 396 :points:)
3rd place: 200 :points:
4th and 5th places: 100 :points: each.


There's nothing left to say, except:

Happy Critiquing!

Fractal Art Week: Intro and Schedule

Mon Mar 23, 2015, 6:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art Week

Hello! Welcome to the Fractal Art week at projecteducate! :la: My name is C-91 and I take care of the Fractal Art gallery as Community Volunteer.

What is a fractal?

A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale.Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fractals are an intrinsic aspect of Nature, and can be found in a multitude of elements, such as plants...
Romanesco Broccoli by jason-sct

Better Pyrite 2.0 by Jataksu

...or fossils, just to name a few examples. :)
Ammonite 2 by JasonKaiser

The beauty of Fractal Art lies not only in its close relationship with the laws of Nature, but also in its diversity: there are a lot of fractal softwares available on the Internet, and each and every of them generates a different kind of "style" (which eventually will be enriched by the artist's print :D).

You might be caught by the extreme details of an Apophysis work:

Solaris by FractalDesire
Galactic Empire [2560x1600] by BoxTail

the sci-fi look of a Mandelbulb3D fractal:
GSV 'SleeperService' Engine Space by MarkJayBee
The Ferry by Vidom

the smoothness of a Chaotica render:
Nighttime by tatasz
Shipibo v12 by JanRobbe

the versatility of UltraFractal
Dardybots 178 by aartika-fractal-art
Sierpinski Temple detail by MakinMagic

the innovations of JWildfire
The Complex by thargor6
Restless by thargor6

or the deep realism of Fragmentarium renders:
Swimming Sea Sponge by FractKali
^Click, it's a GIF!^
Under the galactic sky by Crist-JRoger

These are just some examples of what you can achieve with a few softwares. With Fractal Art, you're swimming in a sea of possibilities that just need to be discovered by you! :heart:



Fractal Art Week

  • 23rd Monday
    AM: Fractal Art Week: Intro and Schedule by C-91
    PM: Critique Challenge Announcement by C-91
  • 24th Tuesday
    AM: How to fractal well by heavenriver
    PM: Structured IFS Fractals - Basic Elements by tatasz
  • 25th Wednesday
    AM: Fractals and Colors by ChaosFissure
    PM: Prettify your Bloom: Tips and Tricks by C-91
  • 26th Thursday
    AM: Quick 'n' Dirty MB3D Tutorial - Reflections and Transparencies by Sabine62
    PM: Blast from the Past, Issue #06 by heavenriver
  • 27th Friday
    AM: L-Systems by tatasz
    PM: Enter the Spotlight: A Feature of the Once Unknown by ThoughtWeaver
  • 28th Saturday
    AM: Meet the Fractal Community #19 by C-91
    PM: Pythagora's Trees in Structure Synth by tatasz
  • 29th Sunday
    AM: Special Thanks by C-91
    PM: Fractal Week Wrap Up by C-91

A new folder: Critiqueable

Mon Mar 16, 2015, 7:50 AM
Hello! :wave:

I have a pleasant news: I just created a new folder in which you can submit your stuff...without limits! :noes:

Where's the trick? :shifty:

There's a trick, and we need your help: we need you to submit artworks that you want to be critiqued by other people. We will gather artworks for a week and then close the folder (on Sunday, 10 PM GMT+1)

Only requirement: include the following disclaimer in the description of the fractal you're submitting.
Critiqueable for CRFractals

You will know the reason why we're doing this in a week! :la:

Created at

Tagged! And now YOU'RE it!

Tue Mar 10, 2015, 3:02 AM


1) You must post these rules 
2) Share 10 facts about yourself 
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag 
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in your journal
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that". 
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
7) No tag-backs. 
8) You can't say that you don't do tags. 
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

My 10 facts:

1) I don't even know if I have 10 facts to share! :noes:
2) I love air fight simulation games, like Ace Combat or H.A.W.X.;
3) Many people in chats mistake my gender and greet me with "hey dude" (I'm a pretty lady :iconawesomefaceplz:);
4) I've been bullied in high school because my teacher set a written test after I asked how I could improve a bad grade I of the class mates didn't take it well. xD
5) I have a low self-esteem and huge shyness, so in case you wonder why I don't interact's because I need some warm-up. :| :ashamed:
6) I love pixel art, but I'm too lazy to place my ass on the chair and learn how to make some. :lol:
7) I have a natural ability in learning languages, but I'm too lazy for that too. :| (ich lerne Deutsch!)
8) My cellphone ringtone has been the theme from Boston Legal for years now:

9) I'm rather tall for the average girl height in my country; :noes:
10) I hate garlic and have some sort of phobia towards it (my boyfriend knows something about it rofl).

diphylla's Questions

1. What is your favorite TV show?
Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, but I'm loving Better Call Saul as well lately!

2. Why did you join DeviantArt?
Because I followed the stream of people who joined at that time. I even thought I wasn't good enough to join this site. :lmao:

3. What song would you make the theme song of your life?
Hard question, especially because I don't have an all-time favorite song. :(
Probably something from Depeche Mode...

4. Would you rather be poor and have love or be rich and forever be alone?
First. :D

5. What is your favorite symbol (ie: star, moon, cross etc)?
...owl? :paranoid:

6. Apple or Android?
I installed Windows on my iMac, what do you think? :paranoid:

7. Most embarrassing moment of your life?
My ex-boyfriend kinda forced me to do something rather stupid in a supermarket, I felt ashamed for some hours.

8. If you could never do art again... how would you feel?
Bad I guess. :noes:

9. Name your top 3 choices for places you'd love to live:
Germany, UK, Japan

10. What is your biggest fear? Why?
I'm constantly afraid of leaving a bad impression of me, I've had experiences for which I've been alone after, although I felt I did nothing wrong. I just can't explain myself properly (or at the right moment) and people take it the bad way, but I don't think I'm a bad person. xD

My questions:

1) What's your favorite mean of art that you're not performing at the moment?
2) Do you have a driving license? Do you like to drive?
3) What's your favorite junk food?
4) If you had the possibilities, what would your dream holiday be?
5) Is there an animal you're particularly afraid of?
6) Tell something silly about you other people don't know.
7) Dogs or cats?
8) Have you ever dyed your hair?
9) What's your favorite TV series?
10) Where does Wednesday come after Thursday? :iconawesomefaceplz:

I tag:

BoxTail heavenriver rce-ordinary tatasz piethein21 Arichy Erzsabet MiloticScale Xyrus-02 ThoughtWeaver
I hate tagging people, but I had to...sowwi! :iconawesomefaceplz:

Created at

CRFractals is proud to present the CRFractals Monthly Challenges!

After some time of discussion, we finally decided to hold monthly challenges in our group, starting from today. :D
The rules are really simple: at the beginning of each month, we will be giving you a theme for which you have to create a fractal artwork to be submitted in a dedicated folder of our gallery. Some days before the end of the month, the gallery will be closed, so that the judges will be able to go through the creations and decide the winner of the challenge. Really simple! :la:


On the 19th of February 2015, according to the Chinese Tradition, the Year of the Goat has started. To continue the celebration, we invite you to create a fractal based on this theme! Take your fantasy beyond the limits and represent this event through your art.


  • One original entry for each person taking part (deviations previous today's date are not allowed);
  • Every entry must refer to this journal and this group (in the description), so that the word gets spread (the entries without the disclaimer won't be considered in the final judgement);
  • Since it's a theme challenge, any fractal software is welcome to take part;
  • The entries must be submitted to the folder called March 2015 - Year of the Goat.

Winner and Prizes

A winner will be chosen among the entries, and it will be the piece that best interpreted the current theme.
The winner will be rewarded with:

  • 100:points:, courtesy of DeviantART;
  • 200:points:, courtesy of BoxTail
  • A month feature in a custom widget in both CRFractals front page and C-91's profile.

If you want to add prizes, contact me!


29th of March, 10:00 PM (GMT+1) (1 pm PST)
The winner will be announced in the next challenge announcement on April 1st, 2015. (I promise no April Fools)



Let's get it started!!!

BTW the Goat is my Chinese sign omg

Created at

Six Days to Valentine's!

Mon Feb 9, 2015, 1:25 PM by C-91:iconc-91:


Six Days to Valentine's!

Hello people! :wave:
So, in 6 days it will be Valentine's Day! All the love shared around...aaaaaaah, how awesome? :dummy:
But we're not talking about romantic love, no. We can extend this concept to art and the love we share about it.

We're fractalists, what's the best way to say "I :heart: you" to the fractal community? By SHARING PARAMS!
Join this little game!
  1. If you want to share a set of params, comment this journal pasting the params;
  2. Time to tweak! Open your :heart: software, change the fractal as you wish, tweak the hell out of it;
  3. Once you're done, post your result to DeviantART and reply to the comment that contains the original params you picked: be sure to share your result and share params back!
  4. Take a look to the other tweaks!
Simple, isn't it? :hug: Some additional guidelines:

  • TWEAK. Changing gradient, camera settings and slight changes are not enough. Please, put your hearts in it! :stare:
  • Any param from any program is welcome!
  • Include credits to the person who shared the params and the journal as well, so many more people will get to know and be likely to join!
  • Params can be of any kind: seasonal, valentine-ish or totally unrelated! :dummy:

Let's go! :eager:



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Daily Deviations: Awards or Features?

Sun Feb 1, 2015, 7:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Daily Deviations Week

The Daily Deviations surely represent one of the most important traits of DeviantArt, for which the site itself is recognized widely. They've been here since the very beginning of DeviantArt and have become more and more established over the years. Today they're probably the most coveted "award" that DeviantArt can offer to its members.

Typical reaction of a Community Volunteer who hears the words "DD" and "award" used at the same time.

Exactly. This might be confusing, but many people think that the Daily Deviation represents an award. It's not that uncommon to find deviants writing things like "I've been awarded a DD!" or "Glad to have received the DD award!". To make everything a little bit clearer, let's read the entry in the DA faq:

FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?

The Daily Deviation is a daily feature chosen from the galleries here on DeviantArtT.

Butbutbut...what's the difference?!

The difference is easily understood by reading the definitions of the two words from an English dictionary (for this purpose, I used the Oxford Dictionary).

An award is a prize or other mark of recognition given in honour of an achievement.

Two notable examples we can refer to are the Nobel Prize (given in recognition of cultural and/or scientific advances) and the Academy Awards (given for cinematic achievements in the film industry).

A feature is a newspaper or magazine article or a broadcast programme devoted to the treatment of a particular topic, typically at length.

We can extend this definition to websites and blog articles, so that we can include the regular features deviants hold throughout the site and the Daily Deviations, or to the including of some artist's work in an art book or media.

Let's now apply this definition to the Daily Deviations and how they appear to us. We can imagine they are little daily articles concerning various topics (in our case, the different galleries on DeviantArt). The "article" is displayed in a fancy little golden box and made up of at least three parts: the title of the deviation, the username of the artist, and the username of the article's "author" (the CV who featured the deviation). In some cases, the Community Volunteer writes a brief description of the piece they selected, stating why it is an incredible piece of art. In other cases, the CVs choose other "articles" that members of the community sent them via note (the process of suggesting a DD). The Daily Deviation page, which includes every DD, can be seen as the index of the features (like an index on a magazine or book). Every day, a new issue of this magazine called "DDs" is out, ready to showcase some gems from all around our community.

I'm still confused...why can't I call it an award?

There is no contesting that Daily Deviations are special. Still, they're special features and not special prizes. If you receive a Daily Deviation, it's not because the CV is giving you an award for your artistic skills, it's more that they are recognizing the quality of your piece, and choosing to feature it for the entire community to see. Today it might be your turn, tomorrow it can happen to somebody else. :D The process of choosing a Daily Deviation is not so different from the one with which people build features on their personal journals. :) The only difference is that Daily Deviations get a nice plaque on their page (which still doesn't make them an award) and are specifically displayed on DeviantArt's "Daily Deviations" and "Today" page. :D
A small assortment of submissions are chosen each day by a select group of staff/volunteer members who wish to showcase an image which they found impressive or otherwise interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.
Getting a Daily Deviation doesn't make the artist automatically the best among their group, as well as having none doesn't mean the artist isn't skilled enough...maybe they haven't been discovered yet! The choice of a DD is led by many factors and, most of all, is about the artwork.

I'd like to end this article with a question to the readers! :la:
Given that Daily Deviations are strictly features (it's been stated several times!), I guess if many people think it's some sort of award, there should be a reason. :giggle:

What are your thoughts about Award VS Feature? Do you think the DD looks more like an award? If yes, why do you think so?

Meet the Fractal Community #18

Mon Jan 26, 2015, 12:29 PM

Meet the Fractal Community #18

Hello and welcome to a new edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a forthnightly series of interviews that highlights a member of our community. The series will go back and focus on fractal artists.

Today, let's have a closer look to JanRobbe.

Hello JanRobbe! How are you today?

Okay I guess. Thanks for asking.

FoM Light v1 - Fractal Shadow Lamp by JanRobbe

Can you please introduce yourself to the community?

Hi, I'm Jan Robbe, fractal apprentice and sounddesign enthusiast. I produce fractal prints and derivatives as FRAMEofMIND. I'm very much focusing on lighting design a lot these days.

How did you discover fractal art?

I came across art by lindelokse and even though I had some 3D modelling experience, it would've been impossible to recreate something like it without using some kind of algorithm. So I contacted her with my clueless questions, followed her advice (which included seeking out the DA fractal community) and kept investigating Apophysis until I understood what was going on. "Generative art" had always been fascinating to me, so that helped in deciding to take the time needed to figure out fractal design. I couldn't have gotten through the learning curve at the rate I was going if it weren't for the countless DA fractal tutorials.

Shipibo v12 by JanRobbe

I noticed from your gallery you use Chaotica a lot. What are its main qualities in your opinion? What would you change about it?

The rendering quality and speed of it are great. Being able to render things this big and fast creates interesting possibilities for print-related - or even commercial design stuff like cover art or sophisticated background animations. The animation function makes it a bit more convenient to try out different parameters without actually destroying your original settings. It becomes a bit like hunting for the perfect still, but also increases the chances of producing "happy accidents". Something else: Chaotica does not have a limit to the number of transforms like Apo's maximum of 100. For the Shipibo fractal I needed 529 transforms. Designing in Apo is easier and quicker (duplicate transform? scrolling the gradient?), but Chaotica takes the prize for pretty much limitless performance. I do miss being able to work in a 3D environment. There are ways to somewhat simulate perspective, but volumetric shapes and patterns, maybe even light and shadows, would take things to yet another level.

Aside from fractal art, do you have any other passion?

I've been producing electronic music for a long time (released a first vinyl in 2002, started the Entity netlabel in 2003). It's my first passion and for me it's all about experimenting with sound. I try to come up with new structures, styles, and sounds, I'm not interested in listening to music that doesn't bring anything new to the table... the only way left to go is forward.
Designing fractals is much like tweaking a synthesizer. The only difference is the output is visual, everything else about the process overlaps.

Versoa by JanRobbe 2039 by JanRobbe

Do you have any deviant you'd like to recommend to the community and why?

I like Ramon Pasternak's style because it is authentic and he keeps on searching for new methods to express himself visually. ChaosFissure's style is also fascinating with all the movement going on. Of course there are the "grand masters" (eg. zy0rg, tatasz, Xyrus-02, lindelokse, C-91, etc.) who consistently produce awesome imagery, but I can't say how jealous I really am of pillemaster's mastery of the tile.

180810-II+zoom by Pasternak 230115 B by Pasternak 241214-G by Pasternak
Lachesis by ChaosFissure Atropos by ChaosFissure
African Fractal by pillemaster Sometimes I Love Apo by pillemaster

Thank you for your time! Any last advice or word you'd like to share?

Never stop experimenting. Find your niche(s) and cling on it like zen magnets. Falling flat on your face enough times is part of the process and will make you realize faster when it's time to move on.

Be sure to visit JanRobbe's profile and gallery! :love:

Re:Hex 08 by JanRobbe
U-Nighted Sounds by JanRobbe Triangulism / Swazala Maze (v1) by JanRobbe

Have fun and keep fractaling! :heart:

Previous issues:

Hello guys! :wave:

I'm calling you again for the Fractal week at projecteducate. :D We have time until one or two weeks before the Fractal Week starts (23rd of March).

If you're sure and willing to help, please sign up by commenting here.

What do we need?

  • Any kind of article regarding fractal art (history, features, interviews, trivia, informative articles, etc...);
  • Tutorials and other resources (if there are enough spots, tutorials can be covered in a journal)
The article must be original (must not have been published anywhere else before).

And...that's about it. :B I will take care of the Intro and the Wrap-up journals and another article, so there are other 11 spots.
Once I get enough replies and partecipation, I will contact you via note and give you further explanation. :D

Basically, I just want to check who is surely in. :B

Take care! :heart:

Meet the Fractal Community #17

Mon Jan 12, 2015, 3:16 AM

Meet the Fractal Community #17

Hello and welcome to a new edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a forthnightly series of interviews that highlights a member of our community. The series will go back and focus on fractal artists.

Today, let's have a closer look to ThoughtWeaver .


Hello ThoughtWeaver! How are you today?

Greetings! I'm doing quite splendidly today. :D (Big Grin)

Can you please introduce yourself to the community?

Here I am referred to as ThoughtWeaver, but in the common world I'm called Logan Alexander Apple the First (but usually just Logan). I am 15 years of age and I have been designing fractal art for over a year now. My interests include mathematics, various sciences, programming, archery, sword-fighting, befuddling people, and reading. When I was younger, I traveled across the globe, journeying everywhere from Belgium (where I was born), to England, to Japan, to Panama, to Denmark, to Hawai'i, and back again. Now, however, I reside in the United States. Also, if you're looking for wisdom or advice, I do my best to offer it here. And, yes, that is my only purpose for being on Twitter. :) (Smile)

Digital Snowflakes by ThoughtWeaver

How did you discover fractal art?

I stumbled upon it quite by accident, honestly. At first, I was considering digital painting, but then I saw this and entirely changed my focus. I soon learned of the various tools available for fractal creation and began by using Mandelbulb 3D. Alas, it left me in a mist of confusion and my computer practically useless whilst generating. Next came Ultra Fractal, which I was intrigued by, but came to feel rather discontent with for reasons I remember not... Then I tried Terragen simply because I wanted to make awesome landscapes, but it proved complex and intricate in a nature that I did not understand. Finally, leading me to where I am now, I found Apophysis, Chaotica, and JWildfire. Each, I found, provided something unique that I could use and none proved difficult to become knowledgeable about. The end. Meow :3

You're an Apophysis user and I noticed you're very interested in fractal nebulas. What do you like the most about them?

Throughout my life, I've had a fascination with space. Every aspect of it, every facet from galactic clusters to supernovae to Magellanic clouds, continues to inspire my mind and captivate my eyes. It was because of this that I found myself drawn to make fractals resembling the cosmos. In my beginnings, though, I wanted to make flowers, something which I still dabble in from time to time.

Phantasmagoria by ThoughtWeaver Pelagic by ThoughtWeaver Shadowed Mists by ThoughtWeaver

Is there any other fractal software you'd like to learn about?

I've been considering attempting to use Mandelbulb 3D and Terragen again, but school has been taking up most of my time for experimentation. Laughing my ass off!
I still need to work on mastering those which I currently operate with, however. ;) (Wink)

Tulip by ThoughtWeaver Reminisce by ThoughtWeaver

Do you have any deviant you'd like to recommend to the community and why?

Despite many to whom I would like to bestow a mini-feature, clochartist-photo  is my first choice. :) (Smile)

the outsider... by clochartist-photo the bug... by clochartist-photo race towards the light.. by clochartist-photo chinese lantern... by clochartist-photo umbrella... by clochartist-photo

My second -- for there shall be three -- is RationalParadox , a rising fractal artist who dallies in photography from time to time. :D (Big Grin)

Autumnal Mountains by RationalParadox The Circus by RationalParadox Another Sky by RationalParadox Fiery Dew by RationalParadox Things Fall Apart by RationalParadox

Lastly, I wish to display DaddyHoggy 's work. He is an excellent photographer and writer who has had some of his stories featured in this compilation.
The HuntedYou have spread over this land like a disease, devouring everything. You have slaughtered my kindred, my prey, griffin and unicorn and made them myth. I take your cattle for sustenance only, for you have robbed me of the thrill of the hunt. And now you call me monster and point your spears and arrows to the sky a turn your greedy eyes upon my golden nest. I am dragon and I am the hunted now.  Once in a lifetime opportunityNorrie had been struggling with the hyper-dimensional maths, but suddenly in today’s class, it clicked.
“So,” he said to Father Christmas, “you simply move between this universe and the parallel one where time runs backwards, thus, in this one, you deliver all the presents in one night?”
The man nodded.
“So how do you not age?” the elf asked.
Father Christmas looked a little sad when he looked back at the young elf.
“I’m not looking for a helper Norrie, I’m looking for my replacement. I was your age last year. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
 Momentary Pause Square by DaddyHoggy Bowser and web by DaddyHoggy Not Today by DaddyHoggy

Thank you for your time! Any last advice or word you'd like to share?

I'd like to thank you, C-91, for giving me this interview, and offer my gratitude to the entire fractal community for being so wonderfully kind and introducing me to a beautiful style of art. Lastly, I have a very special thank-you to offer to my good friend PayPay-chan who introduced me to the website y para mi amiga wateroncanvas  que me motivó a continuar arte. (For those of you who don't know Spanish: and to my friend, Elsa, who motivated me to continue artistry.)

Be sure to visit ThoughtWeaver's profile and gallery! :love:

Lunar Dreams by ThoughtWeaver 
Desert Canyon by ThoughtWeaver Tempest of Darkness by ThoughtWeaver

Have fun and keep fractaling! :heart:

Previous issues:

I'm here, how awesome! :dummy:
Glad to be back on dA, not so glad to be back from Germany honestly... :| The only thing I missed in Deutschland was the bidet in the bathroom. :stare:
(not even the food...)

But anyway, 2015 started and I need to get back to my CV duties, including writing some stuff, setting DDs and starting to plan the Fractal Week for Project Educate. :dummy: I will write a call out journal again and we will decide things together. :hug: Veeeeery soon, muahuahuahuahuah!
Let me just get it together again. :stare:

Speaking of other things, how did you spend your holidays? :D
I finally had the chance to make my first snowman! Well, didn't turn out really nice. It's a very unhappy snowman. :stare:
Also I've been eating cheesecakes all the time...the things I like about German cheesecakes is that they use quark cheese, which gives a particular taste I'm addicted to. :|
I also made my first tiramisù, which was really good! :dummy: And watched movies and series all the time, including (but not limited to):
  • The Lord of The Rings - The Ring Fellowship
  • Wreck-It Ralph (which is AWESOME)
  • Toy Story 3
  • Monsters Inc.
  • Project X (srsly)
  • The Life of the Others (all the feels... :iconfeelplz:)
  • Baking Bread (oh, wait)
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Maleficent (awww!)
...and so on, and so on. Oh yes, I went bowling too (been ages since I went last time!). :noes: I kinda like it...until I don't lose. :noes:
Aaaaaand lots of other awesome stuff...can't wait to go back again. :heart:

So so, what did you do during your holidays? :eager: Tell me, I'm curious!


I've been tagged by tatasz with this screenshot thingie...of course I've been fractaling during the holidays, so I made some fractals (like three, to be exact)'s my screenshot!

Take a screenie of your fractal editor with the last work you made and post it

Unbenannt-1 by C-91

I tag Xyrus-02 and heavenriver (you don't have make a journal, you can even reply here xD)...and anybody who wants to share their screenshot. :D

End of this terrible journal. :dummy: New seniors will be announced soon and I'm dying of curiosity. :dummy: K, thx, bai! :dummy:



Welcome to the features of the features (yeah...) of the Community Project: If I could DD..., where everybody was asked to pick some fractals they'd like to be seen as DDs and feature them in a journal. :la:

Community Feature Project: If I could DD...Have you ever wished that you could pick a Daily Deviation Feature? I'm sure we've all seen an amazing piece of art or stock that we wished could have a bit more exposure. Well, this is your chance! This December we are encouraging you to feature your fellow deviants with a journal of images that you would feature as a Daily Deviation if you could. So let's embrace the Holiday Season and spread some good cheer by joining in and featuring our community!
The Game Plan
Create and publish a journal feature of images that you would choose for a Daily Deviation Feature from your preferred gallery. 
(i.e. Fractal artists would feature artworks from the Fractal Art gallery etc.)When your journal feature is live, link it back to your Community Volunteer's Community Feature Project Journal in the comments area.
(i.e. Fractalists would link back to this journal, fractal resources would be linked back to CelticStrm-Stock's journal etc.)
After all of the features have been linked t

Here's the list of the features that have been linked to my call journal by December, 21st 2014:



Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :icondigitalists: :iconcrfractals:

On Holiday!

Sun Dec 21, 2014, 4:40 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Hello! :wave:

I'm here to tell you guys I've already packed my shit and checked in, tomorrow I'll fly to Stuttgart and reach Xy and spend holidays with him. :la:
Basically, I'm notifying my absence to all of you...I'll be in Germany until the 5th of January. :D

Activities will be on hold during this time: I won't read and reply to comments, note and whatever. :noes: 
Except Daily Deviations, you will have enough for your delight during holidays. :D
I didn't reply to some DD suggestion yet, this because I still have to decide what to do. :nod: I promise I will reply. :ashamed:

(I'll also try to post the If I could DD... gathering journal tomorrow before leaving)

I wish you all happy holidays and happy new year! :hug: Take care and don't be wicked. :heart:

(if you want to reach me out, you can do it via Facebook or via email: )

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Meet the Fractal Community #16

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 10:54 AM

Meet the Fractal Community #16

Hello and welcome to a new edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a forthnightly series of interviews that highlights a member of our community. The series will go back and focus on fractal artists.

Today, let's have a closer look to Swoopswatkill.


Hello Swoopswatkill! How are you today?

Hello, Silvia! Hi! Thanks for doing this interview with me! And I'm doing fairly well this evening, thank you! I am at work at the moment, and all things considered, it's just another day for me.

Of Ivory and Gold by Swoopswatkill

Can you introduce yourself to the community?

My name is Alex, and I am a 27-year-old, independent dude living in the United States who just happens to love fractal art!  :) (Smile) My current residence is Portland, Maine, which is the biggest city in the state. I live in the heart of the Downtown district, which is bustling with antiquated charm, and artistic inspiration can be found at almost every corner. To support myself, I work 12-hour night shifts at a semiconductor plant. It's definitely not a career, and it's not the most glamorous job either, but it pays the bills (barely). Maine has been home to me all my life, and it's treated me exceptionally well thus far! I'm just waiting on the next big chapter in my life to take shape. I think also growing up in a small town has made me into the person I am today; I'm humble, fairly reserved, and I am a rather eccentric individual it would seem, but I wouldn't have it any other way! :D (Big Grin)

When did you discover fractal art? What made you become passionate about it?

Good question! I first started to fall in love with computer graphics back around the turn of the century when our family got its first computer. I've always kind of had an eye for drawing, doodling, and picture taking, even though I was never really that good at any of it. I think that's what turned me on to the digital side of things. I found it was much easier to use programs like Bryce 3D, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, ect., to create abstract illustrations that I otherwise would have never been able to transpose from my head to paper or would never even have thought of for that matter. I just fell out of interest with it all, and I didn't return to the "scene" for over a decade. Nine months ago when I joined dA and discovered a flame fractal program called JWildfire, my interest for the digital arts was in full bloom again, and it has been ever since! I discovered my love and joy for 3D fractals a few months later when I found out how stunningly awesome Mandelbulb 3D really was.

Obsidian Ornamentation by Swoopswatkill

As a Mandelbulb3D artist, which (in your opinion) are its best perks? What would you change about it?

I think Mandelbulb really peaked my interest because it combines a relative ease of use with a meticulous complexity that allows one to create some seriously cool scenes, albeit with a serious amount of patience! I want to touch on the word "artist" too if I may. Until recently I never really considered what I do an art form. I think there are some general misconceptions about what we as 'bulbers do compared to other members of the digital art community, even misconceptions I used to have myself. What we do more closely relates to that of the photographer I feel, but the big difference is that we have to create the scenes that we capture our images from! It all starts with finding the right forms (healthy dose of luck + basic knowledge of formulas) and capturing that perfect perspective, and this to me is what separates a good piece from a bad piece. The coloring/shading and lighting then need to be added and adjusted depending on the scene. This is often the most difficult part of using Mandelbulb 3D. I will often spend countless hours on this part, as it is one of the most crucial aspects for conveying a theme and atmosphere. Rendering choices such as anti-aliasing, additions such as fog effects/volumetric lighting, and post processing features like hard shadows and DoF are all very important too for a final and relatively realistic render. There are indeed many intricate steps that accompany the images you see us 'bulbers producing. We have almost an infinite amount of choices after all! 
My inspiration and artistic vision comes from within the program itself. I owe everything I do to those who came before me and to those who have spent countless hours of their time developing this software, namely Jesse of for the creation of this software and dark-beam for his formula contributions. Unfortunately this software is no longer in development. :( (Sad) As for changes, it would be nice to see it as a 64-bit application with GPU based implementation like that of Fragmentarium with also the all-in-one rendering/navigation system; Of course with the 3D Navi controls of Mandelbulb 3D! :D (Big Grin) Post processing features such as exposure, levels/curves, and saturation control would all be nice to see as well. The Monte Carlo rendering system within the program itself is the most accurate vision I would like to see become of Mandelbulb 3D in the future, but currently it takes roughly 100x longer to render than the standard rendering system.

Where the Surf Things Grow by Swoopswatkill

What is your biggest achievement regarding fractal art (and why)?

This is a really tough question! I like to think that everything I do raises the bar of what I am capable of as an artist. The honest truth is that everything I do isn't jaw-droppingly amazing, and most importantly I just plain enjoy doing what I do regardless of what other people may think of my work. I've been honored to have received two Daily Deviations in the short time I have been a member here, and my Mandelbulb 3D feature, "Of Ivory and Gold", still remains the piece that I am most proud of. It stands out as one of the most photo-realistic pieces in my gallery. This is a characteristic I always strive for with my pieces as well, even more so recently than in the past! A more recent piece of mine, "Where the Surf Things Grow," showcases a new coloring direction for me, and I am also incredibly happy with the photo-realism I was able to achieve here. And indeed all my newer pieces such as "Fleeing the Scene" or "Totally Tuber Tied" I think showcase some pretty brave color shading as well! :) (Smile) 

Fleeing the Scene by Swoopswatkill Totally Tuber Tied by Swoopswatkill

Almost done! Is there any deviant you would recommend to the community and why?

Sure! I have a bad habit of really only following other fractal artists, but lately I've been trying to branch out and follow other talented Deviants! I have recently stumbled across the talents of one Mars-Hill. The macro photographs in this gallery are spectacular with vivid colors washing over bokeh induced bliss! An absolute must check out!!! Love Love Love 

Pink by Mars-Hill daisy by Mars-Hill Sunny Day by Mars-Hill Jellyfish by Mars-Hill blue daisy by Mars-Hill

Thank you very much for your time! Any last thing to say?

I would like to thank all my supporters who favorite and comment on my work on a regular basis. I am very grateful for each and every one of you! I'm honored as well to be part of a fractal community that values sharing ideas, offering support, and offering a helpful hand every step of the way! It's truly a pleasure to visit this site day in and day out because of all you wonderful and talented people! Huggle!

Be sure to visit Swoopswatkill's profile and gallery! :love:

Minty Freshness by Swoopswatkill 

Tenny's Tertiary Terrian by Swoopswatkill Day Break on Copper Canyon by Swoopswatkill

Have fun and keep fractaling! :heart:

Previous issues:

Wishlist Tag

Sun Dec 7, 2014, 10:59 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

I've been tagged both by cinyu  and TiaVon . :ehet: (and I clearly used same skin as TiaVon because awesome)

Step 1:

Make a post to your DA journal. The post should contain your list of ten holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a ______ icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("all I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV."). The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your DA or link to this post so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step 2:

Surf around your friends list (or friends' friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now, here's the important part:

If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use -- do it.

You need not spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf -- to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not -- it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Give, and you might receive. and you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

My wishlist:

  1. A woollen hat because my Christmas in the middle of Germany will be cold...very cold (it will be also my first time on the snow :| );
  2. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (YES!);
  3. Passing my exams;
  4. A custom icon (dunno if you noticed, but I always use Free To Use icons :stare: );
  5. Seniority for a certain somebody (I only have to gather courage and write the note myself);
  6. To taste peanut butter;
  7. BoxTail to taste Nutella;
  8. To do a Secret Santa for my fractal artists;
  9. To change air (both in art and real life);
  10. Goodness for my dears (classic! :hug: ).

I tag:

BoxTail tatasz Fiery-Fire nosugarjustanger Agaave ThoughtWeaver  JenFruzz George-B-Art  aaaaaaaaaaaand anybody who wants to. :dummy: (and Xyrus-02  DO EET)
(sowwi for the tag :blanktehe: )

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