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Inspiration Station: AnnaKirsten

Sun Jan 17, 2016, 9:33 AM

Night of Cerulean Lights by AnnaKirsten

A tribute to AnnaKirsten, who passed away on the 5th of January, 2016.
I'm not good with words, so I'll let the artwork speak for her. :)
Rest in peace, Anna. The community will be missing you. :rose:

Embracing the Light by AnnaKirsten
Autumn Sunrise by AnnaKirsten Sun Dogs by AnnaKirsten
Pinnacles (with parameters) by AnnaKirsten
Tranquility within danger by AnnaKirsten Philosophers Mountain by AnnaKirsten
After the rain by AnnaKirsten

Inspiration Station - AnnaKirsten-----
This week's feature is dedicated to AnnaKirsten :iconannakirsten:, who recently passed away on January 5th.
Anna was an inspirational member of the fractal community and she will be missed by many. I want to remember her with this feature of some of her wonderful works.

Glimpse into the Forever by AnnaKirsten
Here they come by AnnaKirsten
R.I.P. Anna, you will be greatly missed. :rose:
  Inspiration Station - AnnaKirstenAs some of you may be aware, a cornerstone of the fractal art community, :iconAnnaKirsten:  AnnaKirsten passed away recently.
Whether you knew her by name or not, it is a sure thing that if you have even just a passing interest in fractal art as a medium, you've seen at least a handful of her pieces.
Her style was indeed what I would call her own. AnnaKirsten made amazing fractal landscapes that blurred the borders between fractal art and painting in a way fully recognisable and unique to her.
Now, with a moment of silence, let's all take a trip down memory lane and take in the treasures left behind.

  Inspiration Station Week 7 - @AnnaKirsten
It is with great sadness that this week sees the work of our friend and colleague Nicky AnnaKirsten Keates being featured in the Inspiration Station series.
As most of you will already know Anna lost her fight with cancer just a few days ago, lovingly supported by her family and the staff at Forrest Holme Hospice in Dorset.
Anna's daughter has let us know just how important Anna's involvement here on Deviantart was to her, as she struggled with health problems. It was here she was able to interact with friends, share her art and make enormous contributions to the fractal art community, giving her great personal fulfillment.
In return so many of us valued her friendly and welcoming presence, appreciated her art and acknowledged the amount of hard work she put in writing art features, commenting on our own work and managing several fractal art groups. Some here knew Anna for many years and others for a shorter time, nonetheless her daily p
  Inspiration Station. AnnaKirsten:iconannakirsten:  AnnaKirsten

Have a good time there. rest in peace.......

If you'd like to contribute to the next Inspiration Station issue, please send a note to C-91.

Skin by Dan Leveille

Inspiration Station: Abstt

Fri Dec 18, 2015, 8:05 AM

Against all odds by Abstt

Hello people! :wave:

The sixth week of the Inspiration Station Flash Mob will be dedicated to Abstt!
Kindly suggested by OutsideFate! C:
Take a moment to check his marvellous Ultra Fractal artworks!

We're only memories by Abstt Darkness is beautiful by Abstt
abomination by Abstt
Downfall of all hopes by Abstt Mind stealer by Abstt
The eternal search for immeasurable beauty by Abstt
Broken by AbsttPositivity by Abstt

Congratulations to Abstt!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Be sure to check his gallery!

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Inspiration Station: mmastriani

Thu Dec 10, 2015, 11:30 AM

To The Other Side by mmastriani

Hello people! :wave:

The fifth week of Inspiration Station is dedicated to mmastriani.
Take a moment to go and look at his fabulous gallery!

Beyond The Vision by mmastriani
These Colours Don't Run by mmastriani Metamorphosis by mmastriani
Free Love by mmastriani Samsara by mmastriani
The Abode Of The Spirit by mmastriani
The Spirit Of The Wisdom by mmastriani The Prayer of the Heart by mmastrianiDynamo by mmastriani

Congratulations to mmastriani!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Be sure to check his gallery!

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Inspiration Station - Crist-JRoger

Thu Dec 3, 2015, 12:02 PM

Dwemer ruins by Crist-JRoger

Hello people! :week:
The fourth week of Inspiration Station is dedicated to Crist-JRoger!

Take a moment to look at the gallery of the Fragmentarium king!

Exit by Crist-JRoger
Journey by Crist-JRoger Fractal exposition by Crist-JRoger
Grass by Crist-JRoger
Sunrise by Crist-JRoger3d gnarl by Crist-JRoger Lost Planet by Crist-JRoger
Crater by Crist-JRoger

Congratulations to Crist-JRoger!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Be sure to check his gallery!

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Scavenger Hunt Announcement!

Thu Nov 26, 2015, 2:00 PM by C-91:iconc-91:

Community Week

Hello! I'm C-91 and I'll be hosting the Scavenger Hunt together with JenFruzz!

How does it work? I will choose some deviations you have to search and find in the DeviantArt galleries. You'll be given a hint to help you with your hunt, and the first participant who guesses the right artwork will score a point.
The person who guesses more deviations will win the whole game. :D

Where and when?

Saturday, November 28th in #CommunityWeek at 2PM EST (7PM CET)

We hope to see you there!!!

Inspiration Station: tatasz

Thu Nov 26, 2015, 10:40 AM

Big City Night by tatasz

Hello! :wave:

Third issue of Inspiration Station will focus on tatasz!
Go and say hello, and take a trip to her wonderful gallery!
Cold by tatasz
Flight by tatasz Conurbation by tatasz
River by tatasz
Ritual by tatasz Flags by tatasz
1050 by tatasz
Center by tatasz Triple by tatasz

Congratulations to tatasz!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Be sure to check her gallery!

If you'd like to contribute to the next Inspiration Station issue, please send a note to C-91.

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Meet the Fractal Community #22

Wed Nov 25, 2015, 9:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Community Week

Hello and welcome to the 22nd edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a series of interviews to highlight our beloved fractalists!

Today, let's have a chat with BoxTail


Hello BoxTail! How are you today?

Hey there, I'm fine, just lazy enough not to clean my glasses.

Can you introduce yourself?

Dude living in southern Finland, known as BoxTail or Jan. I've been on DeviantArt for 5 years, but started to be active 3 years ago when I discovered fractal art. As a fractalist, I mostly do structured fractals but enjoy other techniques as well.

How did you discover Fractal Art?

I discovered fractal art and thought of it as being a chaotic mess. At the time I was working to get a college media diploma and wanted to represent the internet through visual art. Some googling happened to take me to DeviantArt and discovered this odd Apophysis program. I downloaded Apophysis and started to create this concept for the art installation. Maybe after a week of many failed attempts proved what I wanted was too much in such short period of time. However I decided to drop the project and focus on fractals. With that decision a whole new world opened for me and I became addicted. Then I discovered the #Aposhack... Yeah, from then to now I'm there almost everyday. I finished my studies and got my diploma by writing a report on fractal art.

Electro Blue by BoxTail

Many of your fractals show very complex structures. How did you work to achieve this kind of knowledge?

I've spent a lot of time with tutorials and got help in the #Aposhack from people who made some of those. Interaction with other fractalists is one of the main components: you get to ask immediately if something isn't working or get all kinds of new ideas (and you may also have to listen to weird math discussions). Another component is to understand what variations do in Apo (for example: spherical and bubble), then how they interact with each other. Then experimenting with given limits, trying to get a specific look. You do all this and then repeat it. Once comfortable, try something new with it. And then do the next one.

It would be wonderful if you could reveal a few details of your creation process.

My creating process just takes time depending on gradients. Yeah, picking colors takes the most of it. I tend to go back and forth to get what I want and sometimes I might have to render the fractal several times. But let's rewind a little bit.

I start with an idea I have in my mind and work towards it.

At this point, I usually make some mistakes and takes some time to fix them.
- First, I figure the framework out, so: how stuff is supposed to be for it to work and how to set Xaos (if needed).
- I fix mistakes and then add the actual variations.

During these steps I constantly copy/paste params into notepad or save it.
- Usually I set up basic coloring to see how stuff actually looks like.
- I spend some time to adjust structure and refresh it with new transforms or shapes.
- I set up coloring once again, like I described earlier.

I might have several Apophysis or Chaotica windows open with different colors or tweaks and framings, which both play an important role.

- I render with Chaotica whenever possible, so I can play with curves and control the colors better.
- Once everything is done and rendered, the search for a title begins, and that can also take a lot of time.

Most of the time, a title pops into my mind while creating the piece or rendering, but sometimes (when the artwork is very cool) I can't name it, so I allow myself some more time.

Lately, I've tried other programs like Mandelbulb3D/Fragmentarium or Ultra Fractal.
The process is similar to the one I follow for Apo/Chaotica fractals, but I especially rely on other people's parameters.

Infinity Galaxy by BoxTail

Is there any deviant you would recommend, and why?

If someone is new to Mandelbulb3D, they better have a look at Swoopswatkill's gallery.

Emerald Occlusion by Swoopswatkill Washed Out by Swoopswatkill


RemiisMeltingDots's tattoo design are really drool-worthy stuff.

OctopusGeisha by RemiisMeltingDots mask bird print by RemiisMeltingDots samourai for print by RemiisMeltingDots


If you're into colors, you'll like San-T's acrylic works, just wonderful color and texture handling.

Blue Dawn by San-T Underwater Eclipse by San-T


Mars-Hill is someone who sees beauty in macro photography and it's a joy to watch their works.

Gerbera by Mars-Hill thorns by Mars-Hill Gazania by Mars-Hill

Any last advice to your audience?

Remember to have fun. :dummy:

Be sure to visit BoxTail's profile and gallery! :love:

Maiden's Dream by BoxTail Ethereal by BoxTail
Globe of Overgrowth by BoxTail
Reverie by BoxTail Endless Forms Evening by BoxTail

Have fun and keep fractalling! :heart:

Previous issues:

I'm Going 18 by aartika-fractal-art

Hello people! :wave:

The second week of Inspiration Station is dedicated to aartika-fractal-art.
Take a moment to check her gallery, because it's absolutely worth it!

Open Windows 02 by aartika-fractal-art Sailing to Another Universe by aartika-fractal-art
Fallen Leaves by aartika-fractal-art
Windigo by aartika-fractal-art Pobbello by aartika-fractal-art Square Mix It Up 41 by aartika-fractal-art
Schnapper by aartika-fractal-art
Pomegranates by aartika-fractal-art Mad Mondriaan by aartika-fractal-art

Congratulations to aartika-fractal-art!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Be sure to check her gallery!!!

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Inspiration Station: pulsar69fr

Thu Nov 12, 2015, 6:00 AM

The secret beach by pulsar69fr

Hello people! :wave:

As promised, it's Thursday and time to launch the Inspiration Station Flash Mob once again!

For the first week, I'd like to introduce you to pulsar69fr.

I think his work speaks for himself, and there's no need to add anything. Please enjoy!
In progress by pulsar69fr
Women in black by pulsar69frSomewhere in Africa by pulsar69fr
Geologia by pulsar69fr
Inferno by pulsar69fr
Atlantisp by pulsar69fr
The Mother by pulsar69fr

Congratulations to pulsar69fr!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Be sure to check his gallery!!!

If you'd like to contribute to the next Inspiration Station issue, please send a note to C-91.

Skin by Dan Leveille
Last personal journal was when I came back from Germany on the 24th of August, so...yes, here's another one!

These months have been a period of change for me. :D
After I underwent surgery, I decided to drop my previous studies so engage something new (that I should have engaged long ago but...STUBBORN). I reached a point in which I was totally drained and bored by my studies and depressed by my results, which have never been good. In the past years, I recognized this fact but it was hard to accept: I kept telling myself that I could do it (as all the other students did before me) and I kept being stubborn about this. But I reached a point of no return and, after discussing with my parents, I chose to drop Engineering and try the admission test to Foreign Languages.
What's surprising is that I received a lot of approval, from friends and acquaintances, and that gave me the right boost to go ahead.

After my holiday in Germany, in September I took the test. Since the number of applicants was lower than the free spots, we all passed it. :|
So now I'm a Languages student (German, English and I think...Danish)! :la:
The environment is wonderful: professors are passionate about their subjects and succeed in giving this passion to the students.
I didn't think I could share a deep interest in great classics (except Jane Eyre...I-I...really don't like it :ashamed:) with them.
For the first time in years, I feel competent about my studies. I think I know and love what I'm doing...and it feels simply great! :dance:

Never be afraid to make a great change in your lives, it might get better! :heart:

On another note, I won't see my boyfriend until the 5th of December and it makes me irritable (we last saw each other at the end of August omg). But we planned a trip to Rome and I'm confident the wait will be worth it!

So...what about you? Any news to tell me? :D

Hello! :wave:
I'll make a personal journal soon but this is not the time.

When I first joined the fractal community in 2012, the resident Community Volunteer was SuicideBySafetyPin.
One of the activities she proposed that I liked the most was the Inspiration Station flash mob: it helped me to discover fractalists from which I could learn and take...inspiration. :D
The first one I made was this:
#34: Insipration Station - eralex61Hello, and welcome to my first Inspiration Station journal!
This week's fractalist is eralex61, whose gallery is full of particular and original pieces. I didn't know him, but I'm really happy that I've discovered such a skilled artist. :love:
Take a look at his gallery, here's some of his art:

Enjoy and see you at the next IS! ;)

Almost four years later, the fractal scene has changed and many more artists need to be celebrated. That's why I'd like to bring this flash mob back in the fractal community.
(I asked permission to Light, don't worry :giggle:)

Each week I'll send you a note with the name of the chosen artist and the date the feature is due on.
You can plan your feature and schedule it via or do it at the precise moment, it doesn't really matter.
Main thing is that on the set day, the artist's inbox is flooded with mentions of feature journals...a little reminder that "hey artist, you're awesome and thank you for your work!"

Simply comment this journal (or send me a note :note:) and I'll take note of the people who want to join. During this week, I'll send you a message. :D

If you have any questions, drop a comment here. :)


Fractal Art Week: Wrap-Up

Sun Nov 1, 2015, 2:00 PM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art

The second Fractal Art Week of 2015 is over! I'd like to thank all the people who contributed and helped to make this week happen, you're awesome! :hug:
And thanks to all the readers, too...I dearly hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you next time! :wave:


Fractal Art Week

Starter Pack

Sun Nov 1, 2015, 9:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art

Hello! :wave:

Sometimes, it's hard to get in touch with a field of art and try it yourself. If you don't know how to start and what you need, it's even worse! :noes: But don't worry: it's easier than it seems. :D
While heavenriver already explained how to "behave" if you want to be a fractal artist, I will give you an insight on what to use and when.

What kind of tools do I need to make a fractal?

Let's see the most common!

You need...a fractal software!

Sounds obvious, but need a specific kind of software to make fractals! There are many out there, some famous, some obscure. Literally, there's the right fractal program for each of us! :D Some of the most used are:

They all make different types of fractals, so you might want to try them all before finding the one that fits you the most!

You need...a tutorial!

Another obvious thing. :D While experimenting on your own is always something good to do, following a tutorial can be useful to get in touch with other fractal artists and their techniques, and develop your own from theirs. There's a dedicated category in the Resources&Stock Images gallery, so why don't you give it a look? :D
Fractal Tutorials - CLICK ME!

You need...fractal parameters!

That's another good way to learn! Fractal parameters are good to study other people's fractals and create your own from them. There are many ways you can get fractal parameters, but the most common are three:
  • Through pongs, so a person exchanges parameters with you;
  • through The-Aposhack group, which contains many fractals with attached parameters;
  • through parameter packs, which can be found HERE.

You need...gradients/maps!

If the multitude of gradients in the fractal programs are not enough for you...fear not! People like to create their own gradient packs, so you have a very wide range of choices. Same goes for maps, used in other fractal softwares to decorate surfaces. Where can you find them? HERE!
When searching for maps, add "maps" in the search bar: it will be easier to filter the results. :D

You need...a place to talk to fractalists!

As said so many times before, the place where you can find fractal artists is the #Aposhack. That's not the only place where you can find them: fractal groups are many and very populated. With over 1500 members, XtremeFractals is one of the most famous and loved. :D

That's pretty much it! There are many other tools you can use to create your fractals, but some of them are better to be used after getting some more knowledge. I hope you enjoyed the article and, as usual, thanks for reading! :heart:

Misconceptions about Fractal Art

Fri Oct 30, 2015, 10:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art

Hello! :D

There are some myths to debunk concerning Fractal Art. What do we do? Is it voodoo magic? Do we all have a degree in Mathematics? Here we go!

1. Fractal Art is not art.
Most questionable opinion. You may say "Respect it, please!", but it still can be shared or not.
My suggestion is not to tell any fractalist that they don't make art: their reply might not please you, at all! :lmao:
I think the real question should be "does every fractal represent a form of art?" (a legitimate question for any kind of art out there). :D

2. Fractal Artists hold a degree in something scientific, or share a deep passion for Mathematics.
Boo! Some of us study in that field, or hold a concerning degree; some don't. I, for instance, study Foreign Languages - a completely different subject! :slow: Don't be scared, not everybody among us is a little Fibonacci. :D

3. It's all about mashing buttons.
4. It's the software doing all the work.

You know it's not true! :stare: As much as brushes or pencils don't drag themselves on the paper without the guide of the artist, the same happens with fractals. I give you that randomly generated fractals are a thing, but if you have a trained eye, you would probably recognise them among the "hand-made" ones. :)

5. Fractal Art is not something to be considered "creative".
I hope some examples can prove you wrong. :D
The Mother by pulsar69fr Mountain Tranquility by rockgem Broken Heart Beat by davebold370 copper engraving by GLO-HE
Dystopian Persistence by batjorge Untitled 121 by George13 Mining Assessment by b33rheart Under the Hood by Explosiveunderscore

I don't see a lack of creativity here. :giggle:

6. Fractal Artists are always talking about the last trends in the Fractal and Maths worlds.
"Would you stop at SL 10 or SL 12 for this fractal? What about AA?" and "Is it better to use waves2 or auger to make gnarls with Apophysis?" could be some of the questions you would stumble upon while spending some time in a chat like the #Aposhack. Fortunately for our brains, we don't talk about fractals all the time. One of our favourite topics is love life, so is gossip. And really sad puns. :slow:

Seriously, we are cool and totally approachable people, you can have a good time with us. Come and say "hello"! :D

If you have any other myth to dispel, I invite you to leave a comment with your thoughts!
As usual, thank you for reading! :heart:

Meet the Fractal Community #21

Thu Oct 29, 2015, 3:00 PM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art

Hello and welcome to the 21st edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a series of interviews to highlight our beloved fractalists!

Today, let's have a chat with George13.


Hello George13! How are you today?

Hi! I'm good. :D

Can you introduce yourself?

I'm Faina, a computer science student and a fractal art hobbyist.

How did you discover Fractal Art?

I came across some fractal art pieces while browsing DeviantArt and thought "these look cool, I should give this fractal thing a try..."

Untitled 137 by George13

Your gallery is filled with marvellous Ultra Fractal artworks. Why did you choose this fractal program among the many available?

I think it was the first one I've heard about and also the first one I tried. I also tried some other programs later (Apophysis, Incendia), but I liked the ones generated using UF better.

It would be wonderful if you could reveal a few details of your creation process.

I rarely have an idea for a piece when I start, usually I like to improvise: pick a formula that looks nice, randomize the colors, etc. Sometimes, after a few layers I get a better idea on how I want it to look eventually and go from there, and sometimes I keep on choosing random coloring algorithms and colors until I like the result. For some reason, I enjoy it a lot more this way. Maybe it's the element of surprise...

Untitled 130 by George13

Is there any deviant you would recommend, and why?

NinthTaboo creates amazing fractal manipulations. This werewolf is not imported!

Bark At The Moon by NinthTaboo Without You by NinthTaboo New Clear Dawn At The Anthill by NinthTaboo


Another one is 21citrouilles. These are just so cute!

A Night at the Alien Nursery by 21citrouilles Evening Wear for Little Fish Girls by 21citrouilles My New Red Party Dress by 21citrouilles

Any last advice to your audience?

As a hobbyist, I view art as something fun, so my advice would be to just have a lot of fun with your art and enjoy it. :)

Be sure to visit George13's profile and gallery! :love:

Untitled 119 by George13 Untitled 113 by George13 Untitled 114 + Parameters by George13
Untitled 97 by George13 Untitled 115 by George13

Have fun and keep fractalling! :heart:

Previous issues:

Meet the Fractal Community #20

Mon Oct 26, 2015, 3:00 PM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art

Hello and welcome to the 20th edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a series of interviews to highlight our beloved fractalists!

Today, let's have a chat with ChaosFissure.


Hello ChaosFissure! How are you today?

I'm doing pretty well! The smell of fresh coffee is invading my apartment, which is a wonderful tool to combat the cooler temperatures we've been having in the mornings recently.

Can you introduce yourself?


Hi everyone, I'm your friendly neighborhood ChaosFissure! I was bitten by a radioactive bug in fractal software, which has given me the ability for me to make digital artwork while hanging upside down on walls.


...hmm? I have to be serious? Aww....


Hello, everyone! My name is Sam, but I often go by the username "Chaosfissure." By day, I'm just a software developer. In my spare time, I pursue my inexplicable love for digital art, particularly by creating abstract fractals, which has turned into something more serious and far-reaching than I ever imagined possible. While my artwork is often chaotic, I enjoy exploring how I can balance chaos (fuzziness, energy, and a lack of rigid structure) and order (texture, shape, and unified structure) in what I create.

How did you discover Fractal Art?

In my very early days on DeviantArt, I originally created abstract, 3D artwork. When I was browsing the front page of DeviantArt, I saw a piece of abstract geometry with interesting colors and shapes, and asked the artist how they made it. I was told that it was a fractal created with Apophysis, and was directed to the resources they used to create it. Although I had previously, and unsuccessfully, tried to use this program, I decided to give it another shot.  I also decided to participate in one of the chatrroms that focused on fractal artwork (#Aposhack), and still find it useful to this day.  Ever since then, I've been making fractals.

Babbling Inferno by ChaosFissure

Your style is unique and recognizable from afar. Can you explain how you "decided" to walk this path?


Thanks to the powers that be, I did not quit making fractals.  I saw a description on a fractal stating that "you can make cool fractals from [the most basic stuff]," and decided to give one final attempt at fractals. This was unintentionally the best advice I ever received: making artwork from scratch and limiting myself to the most basic components allowed me to explore and learn how parts of fractals interact with each other. More importantly, exploring fractals this way gave me thrills of discovery each time I created wild shapes, textures, and even scenes! From that point forward, I knew I loved what I was doing, and found myself able to inject my own mind into my artwork. Today, I feel that I'm able to to express energy, concepts, and emotions in a very visceral way, and the ability to do this fuels my motivation to make artwork and explore as much as I can.

It would be wonderful if you could reveal a few details of your creation process.

For those familiar with Apophysis, I find the small preview on the editor window the most important part of making fractals -- it is where I squint my eyes and look at how patterns and shapes emerge during my intital creation phase.  I do not care how the transforms look in the editor, and only use it to sync my mouse on a transform so I can manipulate its shape or position.

Most of my artwork follows a "four-step" process, though I may go back and forth between steps.  This is typically how I create fractals:

Phase 1: The Base
  • I create a base in Apophysis - a set of transforms that has some structure and shape to it.
  • I try to mutate this base to see what it can accomplish, trying to make it form interesting shapes, patterns, or spots of density.
  • With the interesting bases I have found, I will add additional transforms to further add body to them, spreading them out and adding more shape to them.
  • If a base seems like it isn't going anywhere, I'll go back to a point where I still think it can do something.  While this isn't something I can easily convey, it comes from working with thousands of fractal bases.
  • I also save the bases I'm working on whenever I think I hit a part where I can branch off.  That way, I can always return to it later on and do something else that might be even cooler with it!
  • I don't create bases that are chaotic.  I try to create bases that converge on patterns and discernable shapes, and use additional transforms to add the "chaos" to the initial base.

Phase 2: Identity
  • From the sets of bases I have created in the previous step, I will begin testing color schemes to see what patterns and shapes emerge from the grayscale fractal I originally was working on.
  • I typically move from Apophysis to Chaotica at this point, as Chaotica allows me to sample color spreads, depth, brightness, and blurs more easily than Apophysis.  There can be artifacts in fractals that do not manifest visibly in low density, but can greatly disrupt the flow in a fully rendered image, and removing them early on is beneficial.
  • The shapes that emerge from the color distributions often give me some "vibes" on what the fractal can become. I'll refine the colors I use, and possibly create a new set of colors to fit a potential direction it is going in.
  • If it seems like there's not enough "body" in the shapes I have, I will try adding more "structural" iterators. If this doesn't work, I reject this fractal and try another base that I have worked on.
  • I will export the same fractal with different gradients into Chaotica until I find a suitable set of colors.  I always can inject another gradient into a saved Chaotica file later on if I need to change the color scheme at a later stage.
  • I rely on Apophysis and UF gradients for coloring schemes, as Chaotica's Palettes do not not offer me enough flexibility to create sufficiently complex color schemes.

Phase 3: Detailing
  • Once I have a set of colors down and a sense of what I want to do with the fractal, I'll begin adding details and trying to solidify what I want to do.
  • If I feel like this could use blur from depth, I try to isolate iterators that offer the most unobtrusive blur -- those that keep a good portion of the major structural elements in reasonable focus without blurring the rest of the fractal.
  • If I feel like it could use some dots, speckles, or stars, I'll create an empty iterator and set it at a low weight. I'll use a blur (gaussian) as a post transformation for glowy dots, or leave it empty if I want grain.
  • I'll rotate and move around existing transforms so that they fill in dead space, and change how they are skewed if I want them to fill in a space differently.
  • If there's still too much dead space, I'll try adding and repositioning low weight iterators with linear, or other variations to add some texture and shape.
  • If the fractal just doesn't want to play nice, I'll let it be for a day and try something different.

Phase 4: The Evil that is Framing
  • Fitting a fractal into a rectangle isn't easy.  Not for me, at least!  I sometimes go insane and super OCD over framing, and end up stalling for days trying to present a fractal in an interesting way.
  • If I feel like nothing is improving with framing, I'll let it rest for the evening and try again tomorrow.  That way, I'll be able to tackle it with a clear mind.
  • Final transforms are a lifesaver -- they can take what you've worked on and pack it in a different way. I often use Curl, because it acts as Linear when all parameters are 0, but introduces curves when you start changing them.
  • Curves in a final transform allow the fractal to be packed differently, thus making it easier to frame than using no final transform, or using one to force symmetry upon a fractal. I try to avoid pure symmetry in the final aesthetic, as it often takes focus away from the interesting structural elements that I wish to present.
  • From here, I spend a lot of time rotating the fractal, zooming out and back in, and trying to figure out the best way to fit it into an arbitrary frame size.
  • Although I really don't know what I'm trying to accomplish when framing, I typically know what elements that I want to frame, and shift them around in a way that might look interesting.  I try to find a space off center (i.e. rule of thirds-ish) for the main "focal point" of the fractal to rest, and have the details spread out along the body of the fractal in a way that doesn't leave obvious dead space in corners or sections of the fractal.  This isn't always usually trivial.
  • I'll go back to phase 3 if I have an interesting framing with the shapes I have, but need to adjust the elements to deal with dead space.
  • I often ask for advice on framing once I have a few options.  I typically bug a few people who hang out in #Aposhack for opinions, but wish that there'd be an easier way to get constructive criticism in real time from more people.
  • After this, I render the fractal out, typically using high Antialiasing with custom filter settings inside of Chaotica.  If you're using Chaotica and not using at least AA2 (preferably 3!), you're missing out on a lot more clarity, sharpness, and details in your fractal.
How to Drive by ChaosFissure

Is there any deviant you would recommend, and why?

If I stick to fractals and limit my selection to one person, I'd say that you should check out mmastriani's stuff. He makes these wonderful, abstract, and textural fractals that deserve more attention, in my opinion.

7) Any last advice to your audience?

As an artist, you should have something that you love - something that drives you to keep creating artwork. Find something you love doing, and make it integral to what you create. Rather than worrying about what you're doing, or trying to know if something is "good enough," have fun exploring what you like, and look for ways to combine what you know with skills that you would like to learn about. Art can surprise you when you're exploring, and even if you don't find anything new, you can still enjoy what you've already uncovered!

Be sure to visit ChaosFissure's profile and gallery! :love:

Frozen Feathers by ChaosFissure Hallowed Flight by ChaosFissure These Dreams by ChaosFissure
Core Sublimation by ChaosFissure Phoenix Queen by ChaosFissure

Have fun and keep fractalling! :heart:

Previous issues:

Fractal Art Week: Intro

Mon Oct 26, 2015, 10:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art

Welcome to the 2nd Fractal Art Week of 2015! :la:
I'm C-91 and I'll be your host. :)

In the last Fractal Week at projecteducate, we discussed about various topics: we had interviews, tutorials and general explanation features about Fractal Art. This week comes with the intent of giving everybody tips and hints on how to get started with this branch of Digital Art, how to recognize the multitude of types of fractals, some basic tutorials and trivias. :D


Fractal Art Week

  • 26th Monday
    AM: Intro by C-91
    PM: Meet the Fractal Community #20 by C-91
  • 27th Tuesday
    AM: Chaotica Basics by tatasz
  • 28th Wednesday
    PM: Understanding 3D Fractals by 3xternalResourc3
  • 29th Thursday
    AM: Navigating 3D Space by Sabine62
    PM: Meet the Fractal Community #21 by C-91
  • 30th Friday
    AM: Misconceptions about Fractal Art by C-91
  • 31st Saturday
    AM: So you want to be a Fractal Artist? by heavenriver
    PM: Fractal Art and Artists Trivia by ThoughtWeaver
  • 1st Sunday
    AM: Starter Pack by C-91
    PM: Wrap-up Blog by C-91

Tips for (Fractal) Commissions

Wed Sep 9, 2015, 9:00 AM by C-91:iconc-91:

Art in the Professions

Hello! :wave:

I've been making fractals for almost 4 years now and it happened that people sent me messages about using my fractals for commercial or personal purposes. These are my two cents on the matter of taking commissions and how to do that in the best way possible, for both you and the client. :D
(These tips can be applied to other fields of art too!)
I will add an "Additional Tips for Fractals" whenever I will talk about selling fractals in particular.

First and foremost:

If commissions are not your thing, don't do them.

Nobody forces you to take commissions. :) It requires a lot of patience to deal with the clients and most of the times you have to follow their directions, despite you feeling that the final artwork would work out so much better if you make it your way. So if you don't feel comfortable adapting your artwork to the client's necessities (because you feel they wouldn't make the best use of it), feel free to decline the offer(s).

You decided you want to try to get some commission...awesome! How do we get people to ask us for commissions?

Make a name for yourself!

Let's face it: if you're a really great artist, but you do your work in your little cottage in the unknown mountains of the even less known state of Molvania, it will be hard for you to get commissions.
There are some ways to get yourself known to the community and outside!

  • Do point commissions. If you start doing good point commissions for personal use of your images, you get to make yourself known to the others, and others get to know what kind of art you're making.
  • Share your work through DA Groups. That's the best way to spread your art in the community!
  • Share your work through Social Networks, portfolios or self-produced exhibitions. That's the way you share your work outside the community, and the best way for people to reach out to you. It increases the chance of commission requests from people outside DA and companies.
  • Be involved! You can be involved in the community only if you really want to (don't force it!). But it is indeed a way to make yourself known.

Congratz, now people know about your wonderful art! You're kinda famous!

We don't doubt that, but let's move on.

Let's pretend that you finally receive a message from Mr. Smith, a mediator for a bigger client (might be a person or a company).
Good morning awesomeartist5647,
My name is Mr. Smith and my client (XYZ Ltd.) is interested in your work for (insert reason). Would it be possible to commission a new artwork/to buy an existing artwork? If you're interested in making us an offer, please contact us at the following email address:
We're looking forward to hear from you!
Best Regards,
John Smith, XYZ Ltd.

I need more infos.

The next step is to ask for further infos: make sure their intentions are clear to you and see if you can take the commission. In particular:
  • Is the purpose commercial? You don't work for free, especially if they're going to make money from it. This includes prints that are to be exposed in restaurants, hotels, lounges, supermarkets, etc: although they won't be sold themselves, your prints will help to get their service sold better. :)
  • What kind of artwork are they looking for? If you produce apples and they ask you for oranges, you can't sell them apples anyway. If they ask you to create something you CANNOT do, decline the offer and, if you know somebody who takes commissions, redirect them to the proper artist. Same thing if they show you something belonging to another artist and ask you for a similar artwork. Show them your gallery and see if there's something they might be happy with, otherwise redirect them.
  • Is it achievable? Are they asking for something that needs more time than the deadlines they are giving you? The "nothing is impossible" thing doesn't apply here.

In essence: Be sure the work is doable before accepting anything.

Additional tips for Fractals

  • Is it achievable? 2.0 Those who make fractal know how much of a pain it can be rendering at times. Sometimes, renders are not even possible to do! Make sure your computer is capable of rendering at the DPI and size your client requests and THEN accept or decline the offer.
  • Don't steal. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT take public parameters to create your commissions. If they ask you for a work that belongs to another artist and you know the params are publicly available, don't take the commission: either offer something from your gallery or forward the client to the proper artist.
  • If you already sold that particular fractal... It's always better not to sell a fractal to two different clients. If they ask you for such a thing, offer a tweak of the fractal instead. A slight modification in the parameters will do.
  • In case of manips... Read the terms of use of the stock your fractal manipulation is made with. If the stock is not available for commercial works, DO NOT sell that fractal manipulation.
  • Read the terms of use in general. There are some softwares which don't allow commercial use of the rendered fractals. If you made a fractal with such software, DO NOT sell them (unless you want law suits up your nose).
  • Standards. Every use has its standards. If you're going to make fractals available for prints, mind that DPI is really important.

Money, money, money!

As I said before, you don't work for free. It takes time and effort to craft a good artwork, especially if you're trying to pay bills and a flat rent. Or, if you're like me, don't have a job and don't want to ask for money from your parents all the time. :|
Whenever I do a commission for commercial purposes, I ask for money. Doesn't matter how much, the main thing is that it's appropriate to what you are doing.

  • Don't be afraid to name a price! If you think 200€/220$ is a fair price for your artwork, tell them. Explain your reasons. If you're selling to a company, probably that price is the equivalent of buying a bunch of peanuts to them.
  • Be honest. Do not overprice your artwork. If you're honest with your client, it's likely that they'll contact you again for other commissions.
  • Methods of payment. Be clear about this. Bank account? PayPal? And what about the invoice? When is the payment due? Do you ask for a deposit? How much?

About the invoice: if you're a private citizen and don't sell your artwork as profession, you can still write an invoice for your client (casual work invoice). The Internet is full of tutorials and templates you can download for free and fill in to send them to your client.

Additional tips for Fractals

  • Ask for a fair price! Same as before, with few things more. Other than the time spent in crafting the fractal, we need to keep our computer on for hours, even days, to get our render done. This translates into money in the electricity bill. Before asking for a price, think about it!

Last few things to say!
  • Respect the deadlines. When setting a deadline, consider every possible inconvenience that might happen to you, and set a comfortable date. If you still cannot make it in time, note your client as soon as possible and ask for more time.
  • Give your professional advice. When your client is asking for an original artwork and they want something that you think it won't be good for the work itself, tell them. There's no need to be harsh, but your input is important, because YOU are the expert!
  • If they're stubborn, let them be. If after receiving your suggestion they still want the artwork like they asked for, don't counterstrike. After all, they're paying money for what they asked for. Reply with something like "I had to express my professional opinion, but I'll do the work the way you asked for."

What can you use Fractals for?

They're great as prints, book covers, on dresses, furniture, boxes, events...literally anything you can think of would be good with a great fractal on it!

Works by fellow Fractalists

Worksies by BoxTail AghSvslHmlzz46OlxRfC5tGvKdA0QOcSvnCgDHJH-Yr3 by BoxTail
Wing by SaTaNiA
Wing Binding by SaTaNiA art show prep... by FarDareisMaiFractal Pendant - Libidinis Hexagonis Aerariu by MANDELWERK Surreal Fractal 3D printed Chess - The SET - IRL by MANDELWERK
In order: BoxTail - SaTaNiA - FarDareisMai - MANDELWERK

My experience

I had various chances to see my work used for the most diverse things: boxes for medicines (YEAH :lmao:), shop boards, videos, dresses, shopping bags and so on!

In 2014 I had the honor to be contacted for two of my fractals, and have them used as seasonal decorations at Loft Shibuya. It's been such a great feeling!

That's it! Thank you for reading! I'd like to know some things from you! :la:
  • Have you ever done commissions?
  • If yes, share your experience! If no, would you like to?
  • Do you have any tips to share?

Comment below! :hug:

My DD Highlights

Sat Aug 29, 2015, 2:04 AM

TimeForsaken Sanctum by fallstrider

About time!
I've been tagged by I don't remember who George-B-Art, although I was collecting my favorite notinmysandbox DDs before he tagged. :D

Quoting Mrs-Durden :heart: :
"Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!"

So, since I usually like and fav art that is not Fractal Art as well, I'm going to show you the DDs that I loved the most during these weeks. I hope you enjoy! And don't forget that one of the DD is the header image of this journal. :shifty:

promises by agnes-cecile Wild nature by Jelena-Misljenovic Queen of the Ocean by Venlian Leafeons Photosynthesis by DiarisPieris napi by xBarbaraGSun by Julliane bloodlines by toxic-nebulae Catharsis by Anstay
Reflect your Colors by Oer-Wout HOLD my hand and Lets DAnce by Nopel-Opzan
New Horizons by Nummyumy
Commission - Sugar Sugar by revanche7th Gears of Time by Majentta
Meeting Mister Lunch by Fragile-yet-CunNINg

Watercolor much. :giggle:
You can see my other highlights here: DailyD Highlights

I'm not tagging anybody, but in case you want to do this as well, don't forget to include #ddhighlights so that your journal is easily found.

Stay devious! :heart:

Skin by Dan Leveille


Mon Aug 24, 2015, 12:31 PM

Ritter Sport IV by Squirry

Personal journal is personal.
I'll take a day to rest and bring some DDs for your delight in the next days.
For now, enjoy my personal journal. IMing - :naive: 

Hey there!

I'm back from almost a month vacation in KA at boyfreund's place. :D
I didn't really make any kind of progress with my German skills, BUT now I know that I shouldn't say "eiscafé" when I want a cold coffee. Especially not after ordering a piece of cake. :shifty:
Anyway...we went to Strasbourg aaaaand...we saw the Cathedral!
20150815 161928 by C-91

...and the Parliament, which I didn't really like to be never saw its environment... :paranoid:
20150815 172943 by C-91

But I got this awesomely shaped gelato:
20150815 163945 by C-91

...which was surprisingly good, but goddamn expensive (almost 4 euros for a tiny cone...srlsy :stare:)

Meanwhile, I started taking drawing lessons through seniormentors, which I really suggest you go and show luff because we all need to give and receive moar luffs in our lives. :stare: I'm still noobish, but I'd love to explore something new rather than staying in my comfort zone forever. :D

Last Saturday we finally went to the Ritter Sport factory in Waldenbuch. I was waiting for that moment for so long, so when we reached the place I went on spree. ABSENCE OF MIND. 
And I will soon have a sugar shock or something:
Img-20150822-wa0004 by C-91

Aside from the amazing choice of goodies they have in their factory outlet (people filled CARTS with RS chocolate bars of any kind), it was possible to see a mini exposition which explained the evolution of the brand. It was nice to see designs and advertisements from the past. :D

20150822 151407 by C-91 20150822 151519 by C-91
20150822 151538 by C-91 20150822 151556 by C-91

Why do I love RS? Because:
  • Packages are so colorful it's a pleasure to see them;
  • They have 982382783672865723756727466 different flavors, and every year they come up with something new;
  • They're SQUARE.
  • Other than that, the landscape was really nice:
    20150822 153606 by C-91

    And today I came home. :stare:

Skin by Dan Leveille