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Hello guys! I hope to find you well. :) I'm here to share my joy with you guys. :hug:

Today this piece:

Glimmer on a Sunday Afternoon by C-91

got a Daily Deviation. When I checked the DD page with my phone (I check it everyday, I'm happier if there are Fractals DDs too in there :lmao:) and got the surprise, my hands were trembling. You have no clue how much Glimmer on a Sunday Afternoon means to me. I finally got a DD for one of my blooms. It's something I've wished since I've started creating them...who follows me knows how I feel about my flowers and all the overthinkings I make on them. :ashamed: So you will understand me being overjoyed, exspecially because this is the bloom (if not THE piece among my gallery) in which I have put my efforts and feelings the most. I still can't believe it. :stare:

Before I end this boring whatever you want to call it (:lmao:), I'd like to thank some people:
:bulletred: tatasz, who decided to take the suggestion and feature it. I will never cease to thank you for this, really. :stare: You could have chosen another one (or another artist), but you went for Glimmer. :heart: I'm really really really thankful! :hug: :hug: :hug:
:bulletred: BoxTail (the suggester), in whom I found a really great friend (not because of the suggestion! :noes: ) and whom I feel very comfortable talking to. I don't know the reasons why you decided to do so, but the fact that you in particular suggested it made me so happy, you can't even imagine! Cheers to my favourite :dummy:! :hug: :hug: :hug:
:bulletred: Xyrus-02 (guess who the sentence "Dedicated to a friend of mine :hug:" in the description is referred to... :lmao: if you paid attention, you could have got this detail before :) ) I don't usually make gifts, so if I made one for this person in particular is because I felt I had to thank him in some way...from being caring to the encouraging things he spoke when I was in need of them. One of the greatest yet most truly humble artists and people I have ever known. :hug: :hug: :hug:

Last, but not the least, I want to thank all the people who believed in me and supported me no matter what, who have been so kind to take time to fave and comment my work. I may not reply, but I read every comment. :D Thank you very much, I love you all! :heart: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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Silvia C.
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Silver Back Gorilla by Rich3618
A photo of me thinking about the upcoming fractal. Thanks to Rich3618!

Studying Chemical Engineering. Making fractals here at deviantART. Loving Progressive House and Electronic music. Addicted to 100% pineapple juice. Considering myself not chubby, but soft. :D

Oh, and I'm in love with the members of (ex)Swedish House Mafia, in case you didn't understand. :heart:

My hair is brown, not black. :|

:bulletgreen:Apophysis 7x.15
:bulletgreen:Ultra Fractal 5
:bulletgreen:Mandelbulb 3D
:bulletgreen:Fractal Explorer
:bulletgreen:Incendia EX

:bulletred:Browsing Fractal Resources


I'd like you to read my policy and FAQ!
#91: Policy&CommissionsI'm so mad!
Well people, it's time to clarify some questions. Now I'm serious.
:bulletblack:Can I use this image as wallpaper?
Yes, you can, as long as you don't modify it and it's for personal use.
:bulletblack:Can I use you work to build up another one of mine?
No, you can't. I spend a lot of time to make my images, and I will be glad if they stay as they are originally.
There have been some people asking me after they did the work. At least ask me before!
Next time I'll find a derivative work, I'll report it to deviantArt. :|
My work IS NOT STOCK!!!
:bulletblack:Can I use your piece as cover of my literature?
You can, as long as you credit me in the description (or wherever you want) and the image isn't modified.
:bulletblack:Can I use your piece to make a video?
Same as the previous point.
:bulletblack:Can I share your piece?
Sharing is encouraged. :XD: You can share my pieces (only if you want,
#89: Frequently Asked QuestionsOk guys, I think it's time to do a little FAQ, because I read the same questions over and over. :rofl:
Let me see if it's useful for somebody. :D
:bulletgreen:OMG, what is this?
It's a fractal, baby! :flirty:
:bulletgreen:What is a fractal?
It's a really difficult question to answer, but I'll try to keep it as simple as I can. So, fellow fractalists, if you're reading, I won't be that precise in answering. :lmao:
Wikipedia says: "A fractal is a mathematical set that has a fractal dimension that usually exceeds its topological dimension and may fall between the integers."
Wait, what? :noes: I didn't even understand myself. :noes:
Ok, a fractal is basically the repetition of a same "image". This image can be repeated with its original dimension or fractal dimension (it can be resized).
For example, let's pick the Romanesco Broccoli (the image is from Wikipedia):
As you can see, it's a repetition of the same "peaks" over and over, each of them with diffe

:bulletpink:SPOTLIGHT ARTIST OF JULY 2012 IN Quolia'S PAGE! :la:
:bulletpink:"What is Fractal Art? Featuring Silvia Cordedda" article! Go read it! :la:
:bulletpink:Featured Artist - Silvia Cordedda (pag. 16)
Quolia's Showcase: VOL. XI

The Great Mandelbulber Series
The Great Mandelbulber is on hold. You can check the previous editions till the next release (which should be on January).
I apologize with everyone! :forgiveme:
#88: The Great Mandelbulber - dark-beamHello people, and welcome to the first of a (I hope) long series of interviews to Mandelbulb 3D artists!
First of all, I need to spend two words on the title: I know that there's another fractal program called Mandelbulber, which is different from Mandelbulb 3D, but the other alternative was to give the name of Mandelicious!, which sounds too stupid to me. :noes: I have difficulties in naming my fractals, let alone these things. :noes:
I studied a bit on what kind of question I could ask, and I have to thank all those people who make interviews here on dA (exspecially those I watch :noes:). They inspired me a lot! :love:
(yeah, some questions are pretty much the same :noes:)
dark-beam kindly accepted to be the first. :iconteheplz: He's a really nice fellow deviant, other than being the author of many MB3D's formulas. :hug:
The Great Mandelbulber - dark-beam
:bulletblue:Hello dark-beam! Tell us something about you.
I'm an Engineering stu
#100: The Great Mandelbulber - MarkJayBeeThe 100th issue of my journal and there's nothing better than a Great Mandelbulber to fill it!
Good morning people! Welcome to the second volume of The Great Mandelbulber, a series of interviews to discover the Mandelbulb3D world with the eyes of artists who use it. :woohoo:
The wait is finally over, here it is the interview with MarkJayBee! :w00t: Please, have some time to read it, you won't regret! :la:
The Great Mandelbulber - MarkJayBee
:bulletgreen:Hello MarkJayBee! Tell us some about you.
I live in the small seaside town of Largs, on the west coast of Scotland, which has some wonderful scenery and sea views. As a visual artist and photographer, living in this location has always acted as a great source of inspiration for me, and I count myself very fortunate to live here.
I've been producing artwork in one form or another for as long as I can remember – and that goes back quite a long while!! My influences mainly stem from Science F
#114: The Great Mandelbulber - bib993Hello people, welcome to the third interview of The Great Mandelbulber series! :la:
Today I'm gonna introduce you Jérémie Brunet, better known as bib993!
Everybody knows Jérémie for his outstanding Mandelbulbs, which have been part of many shows, as the recent Beyond The Infinite exibition in Karlstad (Sweden) along with MANDELWERK:
Definetely a great example to follow! :love:
Let's go straight to the interview!
The Great Mandelbulber - bib993
:bulletyellow:Hello bib993! Tell us something about you.
I bought 2 high end PCs in last 2 years just to make fractals!
:bulletyellow:Was Mandelbulb 3D your first choice when you began your artistic journey?
To be honest, I never intended to begin any artistic journey! Like many fractalers I'm just a kind of lazy geek who likes to produce stunning graphics in a few mouse clicks. :-)
To answer your question, I don't remember exactly the first programs I used t
#127: The Great Mandelbulber - GrahamSymGood morning! It's the 14th of the month, that is to say time to introduce another master of MB3D! :la:
We had a trip in Europe: we went to Italy, then in Scotland, to end in France. It's time to go back to the United Kingdom and pay a visit to GrahamSym, the master of sci-fi fractals! :la:
Well, in my opinion! :lmao: But I'm sure many of you will agree with me. :D
The Great Mandelbulber - GrahamSym
:bulletorange:Hello GrahamSym! Tell us something about you.
I live in East London, married 3 grown up children. I worked as a Museum technician, until ill health forced me to retire. I play guitar and bass. In the 80's and 90's I played in bands but it took too much comittment once my children were born, although I still have the odd jam with friends. I have been creating computer art of one sort or another since the late 90's. I used Terragen, Truespace, Blender, Bryce, Photoshop and a few others.
:bulletorange:When did you start making fractals? I
#139: The Great Mandelbulber - EvgeniaGolovchenkoHello!!! :la: Sorry for my lack of activity, anyway I can't miss to make an entry for The Great Mandelbulber!!! :la:
We hit the 5th issue, so let's celebrate it with Evgenia Katya Lyubeznaya-Golovchenko, better known as ArtisticLicenseNow! :love:
One of my favourites, for her incredible surreal scenery to her polls (check them out!). :D
Enjoy! :heart:
The Great Mandelbulber - ArtisticLicenseNow
:bulletpink:Hello ArtisticLicenseNow! Tell us something about you.
Going back, I studied art in college, but wanted to study more academics much to the dismay of my art professors. Then Maths and Languages professors were dismayed at my will to still study art. I've been at odds ever since. As many will attest. I like changing my name on deviantart, wish I could change it every 2 weeks. Favorite colors are the greens, golds, oranges and turquoises. Favorite combination is green, black and white. It has to be the right green tho. Very, very hard to find.

Previous GMs:
dark-beam, MarkJayBee, bib993, GrahamSym, ArtisticLicenseNow.

When you're sad, just remember that every pathetic little Magikarp will become a kickass Gyarados someday.

Don't thank for llamas by kinouchiI :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekkoPokemon Stamp by MarkiSanApophysis Love Stamp by ClaireJonesfav-ninja by CookiemagiKExtinction Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNom Nom by Mr-StampSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzNot allowed by pjukCharmander Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHitmontop Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFavorite Stamp by RavechuDigimon Animated Stamp 006 by hanaktAngry Video Game Nerd Stamp by IndustriousRage

Even if you don't want to give me one back, don't thank me! I'm not going to answer! :grump:

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