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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Community Volunteer Silvia C.23/Female/Italy Groups :iconcrfractals: CRFractals
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Deviant for 7 Years
Premium Member 'til Hell freezes over:
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I'm the Fractal Art CV!

  • I only take suggestions from Digital Art > Fractal Art gallery, I cannot feature anything else (like scraps).
  • Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?
  • Send your suggestions to only ONE Community Volunteer!

You can read the detailed guidelines here:
OMG CV + DD Suggestion GuidelinesHello guys! :wave:
As you can see, my tick medal has momentaneously changed into a heart :heart:, meaning that I will take care of the Fractal Gallery from this very day! :la:
I'm so excited I can't even. :noes: To do my job properly, I will need your help as community. :hug:
If you have any idea that you'd like to put into practice (contests, special features...), or any other problem or questions, feel free to send me a note. Every opinion matters. :)
Moving of the privileges I got with this new position is that I can feature Daily Deviations. It's not something I'm obliged to do, but I will gladly bring super awesome fractals to the attention of the whole dA community. :D You can send me a note to suggest a piece you feel it's underappreciated and/or deserves to be seen by everybody. :D
First of all, keep in mind that a Daily Deviation is a feature, not

And check the other CVs here:
The Community Relations TeamThe Community Relations Team is made up of Community Volunteers who liaise with Director of Community Relations Moonbeam13
Community Volunteers help the community out by providing you – the community – with a specific contact point in relation to galleries, chat and forums. You’ll find them doing the following:
Helping run community challenges and educational projectsSupporting community eventsHelping moderate forumsBeing part of the #help teamBeing part of the team that moderate #devart and other official chatroomsLiaising with Moonbeam13 and fourteenthstar on community mattersBringing rockstar deviants to your attention via features, articles and Daily Deviations
Please read :faq85: before applying for a Community Volunteer positionNote that you must be 18 years of age or older to qualifyPlease do NOT send notes
Apply Now
This is a listing of our current open Community Volunteer positi

How to suggest

Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion include the thumb code ( :thumbxxxxxxxxx: ) along with the reason why you think the deviant deserves a Daily Deviation.

I may not reply to all suggestions but I do read, consider and appreciate every suggestion :heart:.


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I've never seen fractal art that looks like a real object in 3D space, until now.
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Happy birthday! :la:
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Hai una galleria bellissima chapeaux
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Today I discovered why the Pythagora's Tree is called like that... 

26 deviants said :pat:
14 deviants said Yay me!
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8 deviants said You've been making fractals for three years now, you're really shameful.


Silvia C.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Silver Back Gorilla by Rich3618
A photo of me thinking about the upcoming fractal. Thanks to Rich3618!

Nice to Me Stamp by Mirz123I Love Dinosaurs Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123Bee Good Stamp by Mirz123
31. Flowers by Toxic-Fox-Girl ˋC-91 31. Flowers by Toxic-Fox-Girl
:shibe: by iDJPanda:shibe: by iDJPanda:shibe: by iDJPanda:shibe: by iDJPanda:shibe: by iDJPanda

My name is Silvia, I was born in 1991 in lovely Tuscany, I'm a Chemical Engineering student in Università di Pisa and a 3rd Level Student of Wing Tjun @ AAM in my town. I tried many means of art, like photography and graphics for forums, before placing myself into the world of fractals. As you can see, I'm addicted to flowers. :lmao:
For the rest, I like cheesecakes, gummy candies, 100% pineapple juice and pizza. Like a lot. :noes:
And I hate winking emotes. :| Don't do them to me, please. :|

Thanks to fractals, I've got in touch with a lot of nice people, including my sweet Xyrus-02. :heart: :hug:

My hair is brown, not black. :|

My little sister: :heart: :iconnezupanda: :heart:

:stare: Seniority Announcement - July 2014
This article marks the latest additions to the dizzy height of Senior members in our community. With just over 1000 deviants holding the highly saught after Senior Member accolade -- it's clearly a moment that deserves recognition.
So what does it take to become a Senior? That's a question many have asked and have never really been able to get a straight answer on. Some have gained Seniority as a thank you for their time spent as a Volunteer, or to recognise their contribution to a particular project or collaborative action. Some have gained Seniority because of their community spirit, providing help and assistance to many other deviants and taking time out to promote the work of others in the community. 
Some people have received Seniority because of their artistic endevours, having a positive influence on their peers by sharing resources, providing constructive criticism and by being a voice that stands out
SA Interview - C-91Congratulations to C-91 for receiving seniority on July 7th, 2014! :squee:

What is it like to be a part of the senior hut? How do you feel about receiving the Medal? How did you receive the news?
I don't know how to describe the feeling! :noes: Everytime I think about my new status, I smile like an idiot. :lmao: I don't deny that I hoped for it, but I actually didn't expect to become a senior. It's been a huge and awesome surprise and I need some time to get used to my little medal. :D I hope it means that I've done something good around here, that would make me even more happy! :noes:
I was checking my dA message center on the phone when I saw the journal by fourteenthstar that pre-announced she would have been nominating new seniors during the day. I'm always curious because I like when I recognize somebody from the list
I've been a dA New Symbol Badge - Senior Member by stuck-in-suburbia since July, 7th 2014!
Please join me in welcoming C-91, Agaave and jenthestrawberry to the Community Volunteer team! Take a minute and go say hello :wave: 
C-91 - Fractal Art Community Volunteer

Agaave - Traditional Art Community Volunteer

jenthestrawberry - Traditional Art Community Volunteer

Welcome to the team! :heart:

And a dA New Symbol Badge - Volunteer by stuck-in-suburbia since October, 24th 2014! :noes:

When you're sad, just remember that every pathetic little Magikarp will become a kickass Gyarados someday.

Don't thank for llamas by kinouchiI :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekkoPokemon Stamp by MarkiSanApophysis Love Stamp by ClaireJonesfav-ninja by CookiemagiKExtinction Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNom Nom by Mr-StampSTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzNot allowed by pjukCharmander Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHitmontop Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFavorite Stamp by RavechuDigimon Animated Stamp 006 by hanaktAngry Video Game Nerd Stamp by IndustriousRage

For every thanks for fav and llama...


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70 / 500
Please please please, I'll forward these points to other people!!!

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Meet the Fractal Community #16

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 10:54 AM

Meet the Fractal Community #16

Hello and welcome to a new edition of Meet the Fractal Community, a forthnightly series of interviews that highlights a member of our community. The series will go back and focus on fractal artists.

Today, let's have a closer look to Swoopswatkill.


Hello Swoopswatkill! How are you today?

Hello, Silvia! Hi! Thanks for doing this interview with me! And I'm doing fairly well this evening, thank you! I am at work at the moment, and all things considered, it's just another day for me.

Of Ivory and Gold by Swoopswatkill

Can you introduce yourself to the community?

My name is Alex, and I am a 27-year-old, independent dude living in the United States who just happens to love fractal art!  :) (Smile) My current residence is Portland, Maine, which is the biggest city in the state. I live in the heart of the Downtown district, which is bustling with antiquated charm, and artistic inspiration can be found at almost every corner. To support myself, I work 12-hour night shifts at a semiconductor plant. It's definitely not a career, and it's not the most glamorous job either, but it pays the bills (barely). Maine has been home to me all my life, and it's treated me exceptionally well thus far! I'm just waiting on the next big chapter in my life to take shape. I think also growing up in a small town has made me into the person I am today; I'm humble, fairly reserved, and I am a rather eccentric individual it would seem, but I wouldn't have it any other way! :D (Big Grin)

When did you discover fractal art? What made you become passionate about it?

Good question! I first started to fall in love with computer graphics back around the turn of the century when our family got its first computer. I've always kind of had an eye for drawing, doodling, and picture taking, even though I was never really that good at any of it. I think that's what turned me on to the digital side of things. I found it was much easier to use programs like Bryce 3D, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, ect., to create abstract illustrations that I otherwise would have never been able to transpose from my head to paper or would never even have thought of for that matter. I just fell out of interest with it all, and I didn't return to the "scene" for over a decade. Nine months ago when I joined dA and discovered a flame fractal program called JWildfire, my interest for the digital arts was in full bloom again, and it has been ever since! I discovered my love and joy for 3D fractals a few months later when I found out how stunningly awesome Mandelbulb 3D really was.

Obsidian Ornamentation by Swoopswatkill

As a Mandelbulb3D artist, which (in your opinion) are its best perks? What would you change about it?

I think Mandelbulb really peaked my interest because it combines a relative ease of use with a meticulous complexity that allows one to create some seriously cool scenes, albeit with a serious amount of patience! I want to touch on the word "artist" too if I may. Until recently I never really considered what I do an art form. I think there are some general misconceptions about what we as 'bulbers do compared to other members of the digital art community, even misconceptions I used to have myself. What we do more closely relates to that of the photographer I feel, but the big difference is that we have to create the scenes that we capture our images from! It all starts with finding the right forms (healthy dose of luck + basic knowledge of formulas) and capturing that perfect perspective, and this to me is what separates a good piece from a bad piece. The coloring/shading and lighting then need to be added and adjusted depending on the scene. This is often the most difficult part of using Mandelbulb 3D. I will often spend countless hours on this part, as it is one of the most crucial aspects for conveying a theme and atmosphere. Rendering choices such as anti-aliasing, additions such as fog effects/volumetric lighting, and post processing features like hard shadows and DoF are all very important too for a final and relatively realistic render. There are indeed many intricate steps that accompany the images you see us 'bulbers producing. We have almost an infinite amount of choices after all! 
My inspiration and artistic vision comes from within the program itself. I owe everything I do to those who came before me and to those who have spent countless hours of their time developing this software, namely Jesse of for the creation of this software and dark-beam for his formula contributions. Unfortunately this software is no longer in development. :( (Sad) As for changes, it would be nice to see it as a 64-bit application with GPU based implementation like that of Fragmentarium with also the all-in-one rendering/navigation system; Of course with the 3D Navi controls of Mandelbulb 3D! :D (Big Grin) Post processing features such as exposure, levels/curves, and saturation control would all be nice to see as well. The Monte Carlo rendering system within the program itself is the most accurate vision I would like to see become of Mandelbulb 3D in the future, but currently it takes roughly 100x longer to render than the standard rendering system.

Where the Surf Things Grow by Swoopswatkill

What is your biggest achievement regarding fractal art (and why)?

This is a really tough question! I like to think that everything I do raises the bar of what I am capable of as an artist. The honest truth is that everything I do isn't jaw-droppingly amazing, and most importantly I just plain enjoy doing what I do regardless of what other people may think of my work. I've been honored to have received two Daily Deviations in the short time I have been a member here, and my Mandelbulb 3D feature, "Of Ivory and Gold", still remains the piece that I am most proud of. It stands out as one of the most photo-realistic pieces in my gallery. This is a characteristic I always strive for with my pieces as well, even more so recently than in the past! A more recent piece of mine, "Where the Surf Things Grow," showcases a new coloring direction for me, and I am also incredibly happy with the photo-realism I was able to achieve here. And indeed all my newer pieces such as "Fleeing the Scene" or "Totally Tuber Tied" I think showcase some pretty brave color shading as well! :) (Smile) 

Fleeing the Scene by Swoopswatkill Totally Tuber Tied by Swoopswatkill

Almost done! Is there any deviant you would recommend to the community and why?

Sure! I have a bad habit of really only following other fractal artists, but lately I've been trying to branch out and follow other talented Deviants! I have recently stumbled across the talents of one Mars-Hill. The macro photographs in this gallery are spectacular with vivid colors washing over bokeh induced bliss! An absolute must check out!!! Love Love Love 

Pink by Mars-Hill daisy by Mars-Hill Sunny Day by Mars-Hill Jellyfish by Mars-Hill blue daisy by Mars-Hill

Thank you very much for your time! Any last thing to say?

I would like to thank all my supporters who favorite and comment on my work on a regular basis. I am very grateful for each and every one of you! I'm honored as well to be part of a fractal community that values sharing ideas, offering support, and offering a helpful hand every step of the way! It's truly a pleasure to visit this site day in and day out because of all you wonderful and talented people! Huggle!

Be sure to visit Swoopswatkill's profile and gallery! :love:

Minty Freshness by Swoopswatkill 

Tenny's Tertiary Terrian by Swoopswatkill Day Break on Copper Canyon by Swoopswatkill

Have fun and keep fractaling! :heart:

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